The Vaccines ‘Alone Star’ Shines Bright!

The Vaccines ‘Alone Star’ Shines Bright!

Do you sometimes feel you need to hug someone? The Vaccines’ ‘Alone Star’ is the cuddle you need in your life right now! The band teases us with that new track from their forthcoming album Back In Love City and it brings back the rays of sunshine!

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Find The Treasure!

Do you want to find your soulmate in life? It can happen if you participate in the treasure hunt on The Vaccines’ ‘Alone Star.’ Nothing is completely lost as Justin Young explains about the song. Our human character will always help us get back on track. Filmed in the Nevada desert by acclaimed director Santiago Arriaga, the video exalts the vibes of the Back In Love City record. The special motel the couple goes to at the end of the road will bring joy and happiness. No spoilers, but we love the grainy texture of the film mixing with the cartoon and video game retro aesthetic at the end! It’s a very powerful and cute clip from the band’s highlighted career.

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Let’s Get To The Ball Room!

Fan of eighties music? The Sweet ‘Ballroom Blitz’ music bridge appears in the first minute of The Vaccines’ ‘Alone Star,’ and it grows fast on us. The raw energy and the sun vibe through the guitar riffs. The psychedelic pop intertwines with road-trip like sounds. Who’s also in love with the staccato and big anthemic drum slides? We are so addicted to it! After ‘Headphones Baby’ and the title song, we are eager to hear the full Back In Love City album, to live such a great escape. Do you want to experience it in person? The band will be on the road across the UK and be quick to get your tickets here before it’s all sold out! Can’t go to the UK? No problem, preorder the exciting record over here.

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Do you need more guitar pop tunes in your life? Trust us, we found the perfect match for you here!


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