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Don Broco Sound Out Of This World With Latest Single ‘One True Prince’

Don Broco Sound Out Of This World With Latest Single ‘One True Prince’

Earlier this week, British band Don Broco treated fans with a surprise new single called ‘One True Prince!’

Don Broco is a four-piece rock band originating in Bedford in the UK. The band first began their music career in 2008 and have since released three incredibly unique albums. Don Broco are best known for their genre-bending music and this is best shown within their 2018 album, Technology. Along with this, the band are also amazing and raucous live performers and know how to captivate an audience!

Don Broco
Image Source: Don Broco on Facebook

The New Single!

This week, Don Broco released their latest single, ‘One True Prince,’ which is a track from their upcoming album Amazing Things. This song sees Don Broco shine a light on their slower and more immersive side, presenting the band in a completely new way. And we’ve had it on repeat since it dropped! ‘One Time Prince’ has colossal guitars, thunderous drums, and enchanting vocals that dance together perfectly, making the song almost hypnotizing. Don Broco are big on creating music with powerful meanings behind them and, this uplifting song is no different.

‘One True Prince’ is about finding comfort in the fact that whatever you’re going through and however bad it may feel, nothing lasts forever. In these moments I try to remind myself how insignificant I am. Just one person amongst billions, on a rock orbiting a dying star, in a universe that will eventually implode on itself. And when my problems are put in perspective, it’s about celebrating that despite the little time we have in this world we are still capable of creating so much beauty and happiness”

Rob Damiani, lead vocalist of Don Broco

Don Broco also released the music video for ‘One True Prince’ and it suits the track perfectly! Set in the very center of a vast and desolate landscape, this video shows the band exploring beautiful surroundings and traversing the unknown terrain in search of something completely out of this world. This cinematic music video is unlike any others the band has released this year and is a lot more simplistic, mainly showing the band performing in a breathtaking place which makes for a stunning visual!

Watch The Video For ‘One True Prince’ Here!

The band has recently announced that they will be releasing their fourth album, Amazing Things on September 17th. The album will feature their new hit tracks ‘Manchester Super Reds Number One Fan,’ ‘Gumshield‘ and of course, ‘One True Prince.’ It’s yet another genre-bending masterpiece with electro, rock, pop, metal, and more! You can preorder Amazing Things here.

After hearing the news of the brand new album out soon, as well as the new singles, undoubtedly fans of the British band are ecstatic to see the band returning to the stages this fall! Don Broco has just announced a huge UK tour alongside headlining the UK festival SlamDunk and will be playing a few smaller gigs in September! The band have previously sold-out arena shows across the UK and have even headlined Wembley Arena, so they most definitely know how to put on an unforgettable show. Tickets to see Don Broco are on sale now and can be found here!

Don Broco
Image Source: Don Broco on Instagram

Are you excited about Don Broco’s upcoming album out September 17th,just like us? Let us know over on our Instagram, Facebook or on Twitter!

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