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Our Hearts Are ‘Healing’ And FLETCHER Is Our Medicine

Our Hearts Are ‘Healing’ And FLETCHER Is Our Medicine

Fletcher Healing

FLETCHER is an artist to add to your musical repertoire immediately, if she is not already on your radar. What’s not to love about a queer pop songstress who writes honest and vulnerable lyrics with catchy melodies? She writes songs that break our hearts and make us feel complete at the same time. She has a song for every mood and every feeling in her discography. FLETCHER has an innate ability to weave emotions in words and is a true master of poignant and poetic lyrical writing. The songs she writes bring life to thoughts and inspire us with their relatability. What captivates us most about her is her musical versatility and kind personality.

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Image Source: FLETCHER via Universal Music Group; Photo Credits: Joelle Grace Taylor

FLETCHER first rose to fame with her breakthrough single ‘War Paint,’ which set her on an outward journey of liberation. Now with numerous hit singles and achievements under her belt, she is continuing her journey and crafting anthemic songs that speak to our souls. FLETCHER is giving us just what we need to lift our spirits when we’re down. She recently unveiled stunning visuals for her latest song ‘Healing‘ which introduces listeners to a new era that feels like a breath of fresh air. It seems like a natural progression from the heartache of you ruined new york city for me and the turmoil of the s(ex) tapes. 


With her empowering anthem, FLETCHER seeks to reignite her inner strength in ‘Healing’ through self-awareness and self-discovery. Co-directed by FLETCHER and Ava Rikki, the single arrived with captivating visuals that capture the track’s essence to its fullest. The truth is, we may not always see the love and strength we possess and realize our worth. After eradicating false self-perceptions, the singer embarks on a new journey of self-love, self-exploration, and healing. Studded with a lush guitar soundscape, warm synthesizers, and soaring vocals, ‘Healing’ encapsulates the raw emotional intimacy that FLETCHER is famous for. We can not wait to experience this song live. 

When asked about the single, she stated:

The process of making this song was freeing. We’re all healing from something. The world is healing right now. I can feel the collective energy of people waking up to their power and connecting to themselves in a way that humanity never has before. Healing isn’t a linear process, and it’ll take you on the most insane rollercoaster ride of your life. But it’s worth the view at the top.


Let’s take a look at our top three favorite music videos by FLETCHER to celebrate her latest release and tremendous success!


“I wish I could unkiss the room full of strangers/ So I could unspite you, unlose my temper/
But somethings you can’t undo/ And one of them’s you

‘Undrunk’ is a brutally honest and unflinching letter to a former lover whom FLETCHER wishes to forget. It is a breakup anthem about someone wishing that they were never in a relationship with their former lover, exposing one of those gray areas of heartbreak where angst is wracking in unending ways, even after the relationship has ended. It is impossible not to be mesmerized by the way she has infused and weaved all her emotions together, from sweetness to stinging sensations, making the song utterly irresistible. The music video cleverly alternates between the past and the present. The music video interweaves old footage of FLETCHER and her former lover and modern clips of her reliving those memories herself in a more empowered and awakened manner. 


“It’s like, I don’t wanna hear it, don’t wanna hear ’bout you/
It’s like I don’t give a f**k, Yeah, I do/
I know I said it’s kinda stupid/ But it’s just the way I’m feeling right now.”

FLETCHER gave us a new bop during quarantine with ‘Bitter,’ and we’re anything but bitter about it. The emotion behind ‘Bitter’ feels so personal and relatable. We have all felt that way at least once in our lives when we desperately want to give in to our anger. We know we have to let it all out to move on. FLETCHER’S ode to the entire mood of this song is striking and sour. Her releases are always awe-inspiring, but this music video is even more special because she directed it herself, making it spectacular. FLETCHER’S beauty appears accentuated in this video very well and gives us those hot summer girl vibes. The song has a catchy beat and clever lyrics; it is honest, authentic, and inspiring, and it can be related to most people. Even though she is ‘bitter,’ her voice is sweet and hits every note perfectly. We could go on and on, but what isn’t to love about this song? 

‘Wasted Youth’

It’s my life; if I’m gonna waste it, gonna waste it on you.”

The song ‘Wasted Youth’ emphasizes staying present in a moment and following your feelings despite the complexity. It is about falling in love, following your heart, and being young. This music video weaves together old family videos of the toddler FLETCHER, and present-day footage of our protagonists venturing across the Los Angeles landscape and enjoying a regular night out. They seem to be having the time of their lives while visiting the most mundane places, such as a laundromat, diner, and parking garage. A rustic and lo-fi aesthetic really makes the video feel personal. In other words, if you want to feel young again, this video is what you need!

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You can download/stream ‘Healing’ here!

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Featured Image Source: FLETCHER via Universal Music Group; Photo Credits: Joelle Grace Taylor

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