Sea Girls’ ‘Sick’ Tunes Are Back For A Second Record!

Sea Girls’ ‘Sick’ Tunes Are Back For A Second Record!

Do you need to boost yourself up? Do you want to enjoy the good times on the beach? Sea Girls are the band to check out! We love their soulful indie-pop debut album Open Up Your Head. What can we expect for their next step? The British group unveiled their new teaser ‘Sick.’ It’s the new single from Homesick, due for release next January. Who’s in for some bangers?

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Some Edgy Hooks!

Sea Girls’ ‘Sick’ songs turn on the party! They created such a feel-good shoegaze album with their first record Open Up Your Head. In between, they made a rocking version of Miley Cyrus‘ ‘Nothing Breaks Like A Heart.’ This had pretty intense harmonies that cut deep like a knife. The guitar riffs are perfectly edgy on the track that you can stream over here.

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They unleash on every of their song that dual-energy between darkness and delights. They craft unique soundscapes that stick around our minds. We can’t help singing along with Sam Fender’s infused ‘Ready For More.’ They pick our curiosity each time! We agreed that their smash hit reinvention of Dua Lipa’s ‘Physical’ is quite a thing! The keys haunt us with the aesthetic that reminds us of Jesus And Mary Chain or indie dark bands from the early 80s. Watch their MTV Live At Home performance below.

Let’s Grow Up!

We are so ready for the new album Homesick that we groove so much to Sea Girls’ ‘Sick’ slow burn rhythms. “I wish I was just a child/Mum and Dad, can you make me smile?/I’m gettin’ sad,” Henry Camamile sings with ferocity. His passionate soulful voice brings us to another level! Produced with the help of Jacknife Lee, Larry Hibbitt, Jonny Coffer and Cass Lowe, the album perspective grows into a world full of maturity and surprises.

Sea Girls Sick
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The pop anthems float in the air. ‘Sick’ is the first of many radio hits. Behind the upbeat and stylish melodies, we lyrically feel the mental fatigue of the pandemic. Let your thoughts out! Some situations are hard to deal with. The poetic complaints make an absolute corker track. Beautiful, raw and honest, that’s what we love! Pre-order Homesick here in physical and digital formats. Stream ‘Sick’ on the road to work, school or wherever here.

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