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Alessia Cara Is Giving Us A ‘Sweet Dream’

Alessia Cara Is Giving Us A ‘Sweet Dream’

Alessia Cara has been letting us became a ‘Shapeshifter’ in our dreams, so we can have the sweetest of them with her latest releases! The stunning singer has brought us just two singles from her new era and we are loving everything about them! And when we couldn´t think there was any more human love we could give her, we were proved wrong!

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Next to Brooke Reese in Apple Music, Alessia let us know a little bit more about one of our favorite 2021 releases ‘Sweet Dream.’

“So this one night I was sleeping or trying to sleep and I just couldn’t and I just got fed up and I did what I usually do when I get fed up and I took my phone out and started writing and I wrote the song basically over the course of one night”

Alessia Cara for The Chart Show on Apple Music, with Brooke Reese

This is it, this is the song we needed for the long nights where our biggest enemy appears and won´t let us dream with our favorite scenarios. Alessia created the perfect song to let us daydream when insomnia won´t leave us alone, and we are thankful for that. We may be not driving for a little while… we prefer to daydream with Alessia, not gonna lie.

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To listen to the complete interview click HERE!

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

We are all so excited for what´s coming next with Alessia, and we can´t wait to see more of her album and all the projects she has been working on! There´s so much going on that we don´t know what to expect!

“So this album is basically like a through line of where I started and where I ended in chronological order. So both of those songs I felt would be a good representation of either end of that spectrum. The more difficult moments and the darker moments and the lighter moments and even sonically, I feel like they both represent what you’re going to hear on the project.”

Alessia Cara for The Chart Show with Brooke Reese

This is too good to be true! We are surely impatient to see and experience this journey that Alessia Cara is preparing for us, and we are mentally preparing to let some (or all) of our tears out while singing to each and every wonderful tune that she´s gonna bring us soon!

What are your thoughts on Alessia Cara´s two latest releases? Which one is your favorite? Tell us everything in the comments! Also, come reach us up on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of The Chart Show with Brooke Reese on Apple Music 1

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