‘Babylon (Say It To My Face)’ Is Grayscale At Their Best!

‘Babylon (Say It To My Face)’ Is Grayscale At Their Best!

Listen, just listen for a second. Grayscale? They can do no wrong and we love them. If you’ve been keeping up with the Philly five-piece, you’re probably familiar with all the cryptic social media posts that led to the announcement of their upcoming album Umbra. THP did a deep dive into the Umbra announcement recently. We also talked about the first single from the album, ‘Dirty Bombs.’

Grayscale, of course, never disappoints with their music and ‘Dirty Bombs’ filled a void in our souls we didn’t know we had! Following the release of that track, the band has just dropped another single off of Umbra for us. Fans could play an online game and get a first listen of ‘Babylon (Say It To My Face)!’ Talk about a unique, fun way of releasing a track! Also, we may or may not have spent ages trying to get a high score.

‘Babylon (Say It To My Face)’

If ‘Babylon (Say It To My Face),’ along with ‘Dirty Bombs,’ is indicative of what the rest of Umbra is going to sound like, we’re so stoked. The challenge of the line “come say it to my face” is perfectly punctuated by the beat of the drums and guitar. It’s the type of track you can feel in your chest, which, if you see Grayscale on tour, you probably will! You have some time before then, so go stream the tracks and learn them ASAP! This track is perfect to scream along to and it’s full of energy. Sad Summer Festival attendees get to hear the new tracks live and scream along, living the dream!

Video Source: Aman Shamim

What do you think of ‘Babylon (Say It To My Face)?’ Is this the track you’re claiming off Umbra? Guess we’ll have to wait until August 27th to find out! Come chat about the track and all things fandom with us over on Twitter!

Want more Grayscale? Yeah, we got you!


Featured Image Source: Jordan Miz

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