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Fanlanthropy: Jungkook And The Protection Of Endangered Rabbits

Fanlanthropy: Jungkook And The Protection Of Endangered Rabbits

Welcome to Fanlanthropy – a heartwarming series here at The Honey POP where we shine a light on incredible stans who are using the power of fandom to do good in the world and help out important causes. Fandoms are super powerful in sharing information and working on projects, so using those impressive skills for a good cause ends in some great results.

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Rabbits are adorable animals, but despite being a popular breed or someone’s favorite species, they’re actually close to endangerment. Right now, wild rabbits are a near threatened species with almost half of the world’s rabbit species in danger of extinction, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature. While it seems as though their sole purpose is to be cute and cuddly, wild rabbits are actually an important part to the Earth’s ecosystem, due to the fact that they keep invasive plants, such as weeds, under control. This in turn encourages other plants, insects, and birds to thrive. Several reports share that a total of one billion rabbits are also killed every year, in order for their fur to be used in fashion and for meat. In terms of housebound rabbits, life is also full of preventable risks. In the 2019, it was reported that 2,500 rabbits were abandoned in the UK, all within weeks of the Easter period – the most dangerous time for housebound rabbit breeds.

The House Rabbit Network are a charity who specialize in rabbit and adoption in Massachusetts, and have two primary purposes: to rescue homeless rabbits and find them good indoor homes and also, to educate the public about rabbits and their care. In honor of Jungkook of BTS‘s upcoming birthday, fans have chosen to fundraise for the charity. We spoke to the organizer to learn more.

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Can you introduce yourself to our readers?
Hi! My name is Marsean Alexis Dioquino but you can call me Alexis or even Marsean. I’m a future working student and a choir member. I’ve been a BTS ARMY for almost 6 years and I’m constantly supporting BTS by watching and streaming all their videos and music, so that I can get motivation, inspiration and most especially, as a peace of mind despite all the suffering that I’ve been going through in this past few years.

In honor of Jungkook’s birthday, you’re fundraising for House Rabbit Network. What inspired you to create this fundraiser? 
First of all, I would like to say that this is my first time doing a fundraiser for Jungkook’s birthday. And this project was inspired by Jungkook and his love and friendship to animals, and I am proud to say that we’re the same. And I would like to take this opportunity to use the BTS’s campaign called #EndViolence, because if I were to ask what this campaign is about? I would say this is not just about women and children but this is about all the living things here in this world, may it be humans, animals, or even plants. We have to end the violence.

And, through this birthday project for Jungkook called ADOPT A RABBIT, I would like to spread around the globe that our lovely rabbits needs our helping hands because they’re now nearly threatened and their populations are decreasing every day. Billions of rabbits are being killed each year so that their fur can be used in clothing, for lures in fly fishing, or for trim on craft items. I would like to become a voice not just for humans but also for our animals and even for our plants, and I will try my very best to live for that everyday.

What can you tell us about House Rabbit Network? How will the project’s funds support the charity?
I discovered House Rabbit Network when looking for a charity to support, but they are one of the best that I’ve ever seen. They rescue homeless rabbits, finding them good homes and educate people on them and their care. They provide foster care for discarded domestic rabbits, as well as rehabilitate and socialize mistreated or neglected animals. 100% of the funds collected from this project will be donated to the House Rabbit Network directly, which will help supply the rabbits’ daily food, medications and other important needs, may it be for the rabbits or for their organization. HRN doesn’t receive any government funding and relies on the donations of generous supporters, so the donations will really be put to good use.

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We know Jungkook, as an individual and along with BTS, has been involved in philanthropy and charity work. How would you say he inspires you?
I would say both Jungkook and BTS inspire me in many ways – whether that is in real life or on social media. They taught me to become true, to love myself for who I am, and that’s what keeps me going. They also taught me that we can all be better people who can also be inspirational and do good in the world, as well as to empower not only ourselves but others, too.

We know how powerful fandoms are, what do you think about fandoms and the importance of using their platforms for vital causes such as this one?
ARMY around the globe have a lot of inspiring and motivating projects that could make a difference and that could also help our community. I believe all the ARMYs – may it be an individual or fanbase – are doing amazing by implementing all the life lessons that BTS are teaching us in many ways. And, you know what, even though ARMY is made up of different people from different countries, backgrounds and stories, we are always united when it comes to supporting BTS and most especially when it comes to helping our community by doing a fundraiser, like my project for Jungkook and his birthday. We are so powerful and passionate so putting that into good causes means we can witness and be involved in amazing change!

How can people support your fundraiser? 

I’ve tried to make the donation process as easy as possible so that many people could donate. You can donate through through my Ko-Fi link. Borahae ARMY!

Thanks, Alexis! We know Jungkook would be so proud!

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Will you be supporting this project? Do you know of other fandoms doing good? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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    I hope jungkook would see this amazing project and how did he/they inspired many armys in so many ways. 🙏💜

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