Watch PVRIS Unleash a Sinister Self-Fulfilling Musicality With ‘Monster’ Music Video

Watch PVRIS Unleash a Sinister Self-Fulfilling Musicality With ‘Monster’ Music Video

This alt-rock band is capable of many things, but serving a flat music video is not one of them. In trying to formulate a suitable description of PVRIS’ new music video, ‘Monster,’ we arrived at this: pleasingly nightmarish.

Devoid of a single frame that lasts longer than three seconds, the entirety of the video is set to make you uncomfortable in the most satisfying way. Some people talk of missing “the old PVRIS,” and while we also absolutely adore PVRIS’ debut album White Noise, we have to say that PVRIS, in all their darkness and classy-creepy galore, have always been here. Quite frankly, they never even left.

See PVRIS' behind-the-scenes photos from electrifying 'Monster' video. Credit: Press – exclusive to NME
Image Source: NME

Monster‘ is most certainly not a video you can watch only once. Shots of lead singer, Lynn, show her malleable within a crowd of bodies. The camera switching instantaneously to images of her screaming, possessed with a devilishly angry smile.

She becomes one with nameless faces, hands, and arms that seem to both toss her around and swallow her whole; all of which she doesn’t seem to protest in any form. With eyes rolling to the back of her skull and limbs flailing in a ghoulish-manner, this is Lynn Gunn’s game face.

If the ‘Monster’ music video is any indication of the energy PVRIS is bringing with them on tour, we’re ready to get bruised. Luckily, the band has already hit the road this summer! This is simply just a taste of an ever-flourishing career in store for PVRIS. We expect things to get even bigger for these guys, so it’s best to get tickets now before the band begins playing venues with tickets worth $200+! Click here for dates!

PVRIS live from Detroit. Image Source: Nicole Mago

Alongside Royal & the Serpent, PVRIS has promised to debut three new songs and even revive some oldies. Guess you’ll just have to attend to find out which ones.

Which era did you discover PVRIS? During Warped Tour or White Noise? Let us know over on Twitter @TheHoneyPop or in the comments!

Need more PVRIS? We got you covered!


Featured Image Source: NME Exclusive

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