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Another Amazing Night With SEVENTEEN In CARAT LAND

Another Amazing Night With SEVENTEEN In CARAT LAND

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Whew, this year’s CARAT LAND had surprises around every corner, with not only the setlist but every game and VCR in between. SEVENTEEN performed some of their newer tracks, while also including some oldies, and didn’t think about how it would affect us? How dare they. We found ourselves laughing, crying, and most importantly jamming, so we guess we can forgive the emotional turmoil they put us through.

Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment via SEVENTEEN’s Twitter (@pledis_17)

It felt just like yesterday that the 4th CARAT LAND was happening, so you could’ve imagined our surprise when we found the 5th CARAT LAND was upon us. Did we have days to prepare ourselves for the event and still didn’t? Yes, but to our defense, no one can truly prepare for what kind of antics SEVENTEEN will bring out. Speaking of antics, all we gotta say is the ‘What on Earth’ VCR made us laugh our butts off, and we’re sure much like SEVENTEEN, we were officially losing it.

Going SEVENTEEN, Gif Source: Tenor

No, but seriously, they each played their character hilariously well (let’s give a round of applause to Dino), and then they tried so hard not to break character but ended up laughing, which really made the skit funnier. The group opened CARAT LAND with their most recent title track ‘Ready to love,‘ and their first performance of ‘Heaven’s Cloud’ and we were very much in heaven.

Thank you so much for joining today. I hope everyone had a great time during the show in the middle of difficult times.” “We are looking forward to making more good memories in the future. I hope everyone can always stay healthy and be happy until we meet again

SEVENTEEN’s parting words at the end of the show

They also had some specials stages and they were, a mix of amazing and uh, amazing. The Performance Team opened up the special stages with ‘Chocolate’ by the Vocal Unit, and we were immediately blown away with their harmonies and just stared in awe. The HipHop Unit did a cover of the Performance Units ‘Lilili Yabbay,’ as they showed their gracefulness and Vernon showed off his surprising falsettos. Lastly, the vocal unit covered The HipHop Units ‘Check-in,’ as they humorously and unexpectedly changed the lyrics to ‘Chicken,’ and even had Jeonghan dress up as a chicken. Did it further prove how effortlessly funny they are? yes, but it also showed that each unit and member could easily be a part of another, as they each showed us something new on stage.

Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment via SEVENTEEN’s Twitter (@pledis_17)

There is one thing that pulled at our heartstrings and it’s when Vernon said “We know each other better than family.” Because it’s evident how well they know each other, and how they feed off of each other’s energies especially at events such as CARAT LAND when they were playing the games, doing the skits, and performing. We are glad to see the beautiful family of SEVENTEEN, and all in all the show was great and highly entertaining, and we can’t wait for what next year will bring. For now, we’ll be listening to ‘Our dawn is hotter than day,’ ‘Holiday,’ and ‘Love Letter’ endlessly while trying not to sob.

Did you happen to watch SEVENTEEN’s 5th Carat Land? What was your fave moment? Tell us in the comments down below, on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP, or on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment

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