Jorja Smith Is ‘All Of This!’ Our Queen!

Jorja Smith Is ‘All Of This!’ Our Queen!

The West Midlands, UK, music queen is already back with the grooves. Shortly after the release of her late-night conversations mood EP Be Right Back, Jorja Smith strike again with some hot new single ‘All Of This.’ Be prepared to sweat and dance a lot with the swaggy rhythmics.

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What’s Amapiano?

Are you familiar with Amapiano? Do you love jazz? Deep house music? Do you like to chill and sit quietly in a lounge when you listen to music? When we mix all of them, that blends in style. Jorja Smith’s ‘All Of This’ is that kind of song that haunts and moves into space. The bongos drive us crazy and we love these raw South African beats. We should thank Ghanaian producer GuiltyBeatz for this boost of energy. The pair met in Jamaica in 2019. We have to admit that it makes the perfect artistic match! Jorja Smith explores her creativity so naturally. We feel she’s in the same euphoric world as Doja Cat!

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All The Sacrifices!

You’d say that you were all mine/You knew that your words were hard to stand by/I was scared of change but then I complied/Even though it hurt I stayed and now I’m/Glad you have it all but there’s things that you can’t buy,” the British songstress hums, in such a mellow voice. Jorja Smith’s ‘All Of This’ is that song that hits so hard, but at the same time can comfort us. Some people are not the best to be around us. We keep them close with compromises. It breaks but we give all that we could to make it works.

The Brits Awards winner in 2019 mesmerizes us with her poetic lyrics. We feel that we get out of our cages. We want to take on the dance floor and sing along to these angelic vocals! Get your hands on Jorja Smith’s and GuiltyBeatz collaboration on your preferred app here!

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Relax, sit down, and press play. THP got the grooves sorted for you here!


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