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ONF Will Be POPPING Up On Everyone’s Playlists

ONF Will Be POPPING Up On Everyone’s Playlists

onf popping

Here we are with another ONF album and we are beyond ecstatic

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If you’re like us, you’re probably enamored by ONF because everything they release is just gold, and SUMMER POPUP ALBUM POPPING was no different. POPPING is their brand new mini-album, which contains five of our new favorite tracks!

onf popping cover
Image Source: WM Entertainment

The album opens up with the title track ‘POPPING’ and it’s just so fun, it really gives you that summer feels of hanging out with friends and just enjoying life. It’s also has a really cool MV that pulls everything together, and has that touch of ONF MV’s where it looks like a movie. You can definitely see every other track on the album being a part of that world. It’s also currently at 8.4 million views, which is pretty amazing.

Now we can’t just mention ‘POPPING,’ and not talk about the other four amazing tracks. Second, on the tracklist is ‘Summer Poem,’ it has that oh so lovely, love song vibes and switches from the beginning of sounding like a ballad to a straight-up pop jam, then easily transitioning back. Another summer, ‘Summer Shape’ opens up with a beautiful piano sound and is the jazz ballad we were expecting from the previous track. It also helps show off the group’s vocals and harmonies.

‘Dry Ice’ is the song we were waiting and expecting from ONF, especially after their earlier releases ‘Beautiful Beautiful’ and ‘The Realist.’ It honestly is a perfect mix of both, with its amazing beats and backtracks. Last but not least is ‘Summer End,’ and it’s just that, it’s the perfect song for the end of the summer. We can picture this song playing at the end of a feel-good movie as the main characters drive off into the sunset.

But that’s not all! We know how good of tracks all five are, but have you ever wondered which track you are? Which track represents you? Well, wait no longer, because we have created a short quiz to answer your biggest question. Enjoy!

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So what did you think about POPPING? Which track did you get? Tell us in the comments down below, on our Twitter @TheHoneyPOP, or to talk to us on Facebook and Instagram

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