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10 Underrated Shawn Mendes Songs You’re Missing Out On

10 Underrated Shawn Mendes Songs You’re Missing Out On

Shawn Mendes has been stealing our hearts and living in our minds rent-free for almost a decade now, yet still has many underrated songs that need more attention. Shawn first found global success with his hit song ‘Stitches’ in 2015, but many people seem to forget he’s been online singing since he was on Vine and in the popular touring group MAGCON back in 2013. Shawn’s music has only gotten better, of course, but there are still some oldies that deserve love, so here are ten underrated Shawn Mendes songs you’re missing out on.

‘Bring it Back’

Starting strong, ‘Bring it Back’ talks about leaving a bad relationship, and no matter how much you don’t want to see them move on, you know that you can never go back to that relationship. This is the type of self-awareness we all need; it’s such a shame that this song doesn’t get as much love just because it’s from Shawn’s earlier stuff, even though it has such a great message!

‘Act Like You Love Me’

Staying on songs from Shawn’s debut album Handwritten, ‘Act Like You Love Me’ talks about a breakup and wanting to have “one more night” to make things right to change your partner’s mind so you can go on knowing you’ve done your best. We can’t lie; this song is entirely heart-wrenching but makes for a good one to cry, *adds to a playlist for a rainy day*

‘Show You’

This one is cool to listen to now, seeing how far Shawn has come in the seven years since its lyric video was posted to Shawn’s youtube. The song talks about having people doubt that you can “flip the whole world upside down” and telling them, “guess I gotta show you.” When ‘Show You’ was released, Shawn was still known for being “the singer guy” in Magcon; fast forward to now, and he’s one of the biggest pop stars ever; we guess he showed them, huh?


The man knows how to write some good sad songs, following the theme of the first two songs mentioned; this song talks about the fallout of a relationship and its memories. Whether romantic or not, we’ve all been there wanting to remember all the good times when something is about to end. The way this song is so relatable, it’s a shame this song is so underrated. 

‘Like This’

Moving on to his Illuminate album, ‘Like This’ is about finally giving in after giving your all in battle and finally coming to terms with losing. The lyric “I guess I’m going down like this” goes to show that sometimes you have to accept fate no matter how ugly it may make you, some battles, you have to admit defeat. We all can learn from this lesson as sometimes our ego can get in the way, thanks Shawn, for the reminder.

‘No Promises’

This bop talks about not wanting to set any expectations cause of the pressure to follow through and live in the moment, so no one gets upset when things don’t work out. Truly an underrated lesson Shawn Mendes has taught us through song. Although maybe not constantly worried about heartbreak, we can learn not to hold our expectations so high in all situations.

‘When You’re Ready’

Finding the right person at the wrong time sucks; no matter the situation, we all want to find that person who completes us and makes us feel whole. ‘When You’re Ready’ perfectly describes the pain of this happening and expressed the willingness to wait for that person forever to be able to say you found the one. This song is equally uplighting while still breaking your heart when you’re able to relate, genuinely an underrated gem.


Switching up the tone, ‘Queen’ talks about someone who believes they are better than you and makes it very clear in their actions that they don’t care about you, or at least want you to think that they don’t. Doing things like saying “nice to meet you” every time you talk to them make us cringe; we all know someone who has done that to us before. The message, along with its upbeat tone, makes this a total bop, and it’s a shame a lot of people don’t know about this song; it deserves royal attention with a title like ‘Queen.’

‘Can’t Imagine’

Slowing things back down and fast-forwarding to the Wonder era, ‘Can’t Imagine’ is how we feel about Shawn and all of your faves, honestly. The song talks about how sad the world would be without that particular person, so sad that it’s unimaginable, all of us here at The Honey POP all have that person, and we’re sure everyone does too. One may say its message is the same we’ve heard over and over, but it’s the little details that make this song so great such as Shawn’s voice at the end saying, “cool, that’s good for now.”

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Ending on a high note, ‘Believe’ is just the uplifting encouragement we all need at our lowest times. Giving us the power to chase our dreams and fight for what we believe in because, as Shawn says over and over again, “Everything is possible; there’s nothing we can’t do.” It’s a shame this song is so underrated; everyone deserves Shawn Mendes blessing their ears and hyping them up; hopefully, everyone will give her the attention ‘Believe’ deserves one day. 

Do you agree with our picks? Are there more Shawn Mendes songs that deserve more love? Let us know down below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

Need some more underrated beauties for your playlist? We gotchu covered.


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