TX2 Don’t ‘Pull The Plug’ When It Comes To Fire Vibes!

TX2 Don’t ‘Pull The Plug’ When It Comes To Fire Vibes!

Is there a revival of emo punk? With the arrival of Yungblud a couple of years ago and the growing popularity of Machine Gun Kelly, we can’t be more excited to see this genre taking its solid place back! We also love the fact there are more and more new artists that go viral like TX2. He screams powerfully on his new track ‘Pull The Plug.’ We’re not giving up! It’s just starting!

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Nostalgia? Hell Yeah!

TX2 is that artist that brings the nostalgic fiber in us. Even if we are the quiet ones, we all are emo at some point, don’t you think? With almost 500 000 views, the punk artist went viral on TikTok with his snippet of ‘Pull The Plug.’ It’s impossible to not jam to it! With such energetic and aggressive vibes, we let out all the bad feelings and we wish that Warped Tour was still going strong! Be a rebel! Assume yourself! Let’s ’Pull The Plug’ and be loud and noisy.


Gimme a reason to drop this and maybe I will 😌 what u think? #emo #quietkid #trenchcoat #goth #gothic #scene #alternative #rock

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Be Thunderstruck!

TX2’s ‘Pull The Plug’ is the new punk generation era anthem. Do you remember in the 90s the popularity of Sum41, New Found Glory, and The Offspring? The young Colorado creator goes all emo and twisty in that new song. After ‘Make You Bleed’ and this fresh taster we can’t wait to get our hands on his upcoming album Let The Dead Speak. What should we expect? If it’s like what we heard so far, let’s say it’s an excellent blend of hip hop, punk, and pop! The drums thunders and stomps loudly and the edgy guitar riffs catch our attention! It represents the mental chaos we try to get over! The lyrics reverberate through it! Take your journey to redemption with TX2 music that you can stream here.

Is this track brings you some nostalgic thoughts? THP is! Tell us your fav part of the song and chat with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP, Facebook, or Instagram.

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