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We Are Feeling Optimistic Thanks To Finneas!

We Are Feeling Optimistic Thanks To Finneas!

Mr. FINNEAS has come back to take back his crown as one of the most talented songwriters and singers of the world with his latest release! Promising us to take us to ‘A Concert Six Months From Now,’ we have purchased two seats for his show, cause we are Optimist and we know we won’t want to miss it and it’s gonna be awesome!

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‘A Concert Six Months From Now’ is a beautiful ballad that our king created. Taking us into an emotional voyage of how even though you are not with the person you were before, the plans and things you thought of before, came back to remind you of everything. The ballad has a moving and electrical melody that is accompanied by the one and only voice of FINNEAS.

And it’s funny, man, because you know, I wrote it in 2017, but obviously singing about a concert six months away is such a 2021 experience.

-FINNEAS for ALT CTRL on Apple Music 1

FINNEAS, We Are In Love With You

This latest release was just a sneak peek of what the incredible and super talented artist is going to bring us in his debut album Optimist. We have been in love with every single he has released since the start. We have been wanting to be his ‘Partners In Crime’ since we first heard him sing. And we don’t care ‘What They´ll Say About Us,‘ we are loving him ‘Till Forever Falls Apart!’

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And so to me, like in 2018, I was just doing singles because I just was like, I don’t have a big audience,[…] And then the next year I was like, ‘I could probably get away with an EP.’ […] And then this year just sort of like watching numbers and engaging with kids online, I was like, ‘Okay, they deserve a record and I need to make it for them.’

-FINNEAS for ALT CTRL on Apple Music 1

To watch the complete interview, click HERE!

October Come Faster!

Also, we have known Finneas for everything he has been working as a solo artist and next to his sister Billie Eilish. And we love how he has been growing into this mind-blowing musician that is taking over all the worlds and breaking all the charts! He is truly one of a kind and one of the most talented people that has ever put a step on this world.

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The way I work on my solo stuff is like, I feel like being involved in Billie’s career has been like college. It’s been such a learning experience for me. And she has such an incredible team who have such good insight.

-FINNEAS for ALT CTRL on Apple Music 1

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There’s so much excitement for what FINNEAS is going to bring us! We can’t wait and we know that you can’t either! What are your thoughts on ‘A Concert Six Months From Now?’ What are your expectations for Optimist? Tell us everything in the comments! And also, don´t forget to vibe with us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

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