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You’ll Be Blown Away By EBEN’s Dandelions EP!

You’ll Be Blown Away By EBEN’s Dandelions EP!

We recently told you about our experience at the release party for EBEN’s Dandelions EP and how much fun it was. Now, we’re here to tell you that the EP has dropped, and you absolutely must check it out! The five-track EP combined with the 20 minute mini-movie accompanying the tracks, tells the story of a relationship, beautifully articulated through the lyrics and visuals. Just listening to the EP is fine but if you want the full Dandelions experience, the mini-movie is required viewing. At least, in our opinion.


Where do we even start with this video? We were lucky enough to get an early look at this film, and we’ve been dying to talk about it. Everything from the colors to the visuals to the acting is phenomenal. The transitions in this video are all a work of art. Personally, one of our favorites is the transition from ‘I Miss You’ to ‘New Springs.’ ‘I Miss You’ happens to be one of our favorite tracks on the EP! The soaring vocals and emotions in that song make it a work of art.

Dandelions EP
Image Source: Courtesy of Atlantic Records

The Mini-Movie Reigns Supreme

The EP’s mini-movie is full of space and sky imagery. It’s a fantastical way of portraying the different stages EBEN goes through in the video, detailing the end of a relationship. One of our favorite trends in music right now is artists using these concept movies to visualize an album. Think MGK with Downfalls High. These concept movies enhance the listening experience of an album or EP tenfold, and we hope this trend continues for a while. In the case of the Dandelions EP, the video shows the emotions that the EP conveys with a visual representation. You can see and hear the different stages of post-breakup feelings. It’s truly unique. We also have to say we love EBEN’s outfits throughout the entire thing. Every single outfit is a look for sure.

We can’t talk about the Dandelions EP without mentioning EBEN’s phenomenal vocals. We got to hear them live and in person, and they were just as amazing as they are on this EP. Please do yourself a favor and go stream it immediately, you won’t regret it! We’re trying to pick a favorite track but honestly, from ‘Jenny’ to the title track ‘Dandelions,’ there isn’t a single skip on this EP.

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What do you think of the Dandelions EP? Which track or part of the movie was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter! We’re always buzzing about something!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Atlantic Records

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