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5 Reasons That Make Huening Kai The Diamond Maknae Of TXT

5 Reasons That Make Huening Kai The Diamond Maknae Of TXT

When we hear sunshine, passion, talent, and dolphin scream laugh, we remember the one name- TOMORROW BY TOGETHER’s Huening Kai! August is upon us again and our MOA hearts are smiling our Hyuka’s 24K full-toothed smile nonstop, as we count days to him turning 19! So while we wait, we took up a hobby- compiling all the reasons why Huening Kai shines as the Diamond Maknae of TXT and falling in love with him all over again.

Image Source: Tenor

Vocals To Send You Off Flying To The Farthest Supernova

We had to start here, please. Kai’s vocals are truly one of a kind- it melts your heart, hits you in the gut, makes you crawl under the blanket and bawl your eyes out or lull your subconscious away to a dreamy sleep. And if you haven’t yet experienced this in his 5SOS‘ ‘Youngblood’ cover, what kind of rock have you been living under!

And if that wasn’t enough, this one even raps. In a recent performance, Huening and Yeonjun covered BTS‘ ‘Dope,’ where he rapped SUGA’s fast-paced, God-tier part and hit Jungkook’s falsetto within the same 3 minutes. Moreover, everyone knows an Agust D rap already sits highest on the finesse level, so to even make an attempt (and slay)- take a bow, people.

The manic laugh in ‘Frost,’ the high note in ‘0x1=LOVESONG’ and his unblemished voice in TXT covering Shawn Mendes’ ‘In My Blood’ clearly show that his vocal range is probably as broad as his forehead (Sorry, Ningning but you were the one who passed on the teasing germ to us). There’s too much ground to cover for TXT’s Maknae really, so we’ll leave a vocal appreciation video for Huening Kai right here:

Instruments Mastery And Perfect Pitch That Dazzles Without Fail

You would know if you ran a test, but we’re saying it- Huening Kai is made of 10% water, 10% bone, flesh and blood, and 128% music. Yes, we know that math doesn’t add up, but we said what we said.

Kai is a musician through and through who has aced drums, guitar, piano, and flute. The legacy of music probably runs in his blood, seeing as Huening Sr. had been an active singer in China for 10 years. Well, that answers a lot of questions in Huening Kai’s music (and charm) departments.

Occasionally on his Vlives, he has played the piano and guitar for us and write it on the skies above- they are the best days of our year.

Adding another enchanting feather to his plume, Huening Kai also has perfect pitch, where the Maknae can identify notes in a single second, and neither the members of TXT nor we are completely over this fact to date!

Image Source: Tenor

When you get over the shock of that, we’ll drop the next bomb that this talent has a rarity of 1-5 in a 10,000.
Ten thousand? We would say there are a million people and then there’s Huening Kai. *dab*

Self-Love And Confidence That Charms “Just Like Magic”

Completing the look for the absolute ‘It’ boy of today, combined with his enviable talents is Huening Kai’s ingenious and infallible charm that comes from his dripping sass, inspiring self-love and magnetic confidence while having a fluent hold over the Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese and English languages.

Ever since TXT’s debut, Kai’s confidence level has risen more dynamically than global warming and we’re not even exaggerating. His on-stage presence is absolute fire, now more than ever and he hits those high notes like they’re the snooze button on his alarm. His aura radiates sophistication and glamour that has left MOAs wondering if our baby has grown up too fast.

For their TikTok #magic_moves when asked “What is your Magic?” it’s no wonder Huening Kai replied with a simple yet powerful “Me.” Hello? Don’t just read, take notes.

Media Source: Seventeen via YouTube

The other members of TXT have also mentioned that Kai often talks about himself in the third person because he loves the sound of his name and have you ever heard something scream self-love louder than this?

The only thing we love more than someone who owns an extensive repertoire of talents along with a top-tier personality and unworldly good looks- is someone who knows they have all of the above and doesn’t miss a chance to occasionally flaunt it playfully. That someone = Huening Kai.

Sense Of Humour To Leave You ROFL

Being a globally adored boyband on the most epic rise brings a lot on TXT’s plate but thank heavens for Maknae Huening Kai who never lets things get too serious and always has a world-class punch line up his sleeve.

Despite having matured and smashing smoking hot performances, when Kai returns home he does so as the person he always has been- a humble, jolly boy who loves humor just as much as we love him (okay not that much but…)
And the boys of TXT have confirmed the fact themselves by choosing Huening Kai as the funniest member of the group while playing a game of superlatives-

Yeonjun: “Huening Kai always entertains us.”
Beomgyu: “Just look at him and he’ll make you laugh.”
Taehyun: “I think he is always funny. Even now, or sleeping, he is funny.”

Remember how we all have that one friend whose laugh is funnier than the whole universe of jokes combined? Yeah, Huening Kai holds the undefiable patent to that laugh. *inviting you to a dare-to-hold-a-straight-face challenge*

We hardly believe anyone can be immune to that laugh, especially after it has made Kai fall off chairs and collectively infected an entire MAMA audience with a small giggle. There’s no getting over the duality with which Kai switches from an attractive young popstar to the young at heart plushie lover that lives in our hearts rent-free. By now, we have lost count of the number of days this laugh has made us unreasonably happy and sometimes- uh, a bit startled, like the TXT members:

Huening Kai Is TXT’s Baby

It’s why every members’ finger pointed to Hyuka when asked the question “Who do you want to protect the most?” We call it the Huening Kai effect. Or it might be just his belly rubs to his Hyungs, we’re still deciding. The members of TOMORROW BY TOGETHER are just as whipped for Kai as we are, and they’re never shy to express.

Huening Kai might be the Maknae and Yeonjun the oldest member of TXT, but they have crossed off the years between their ages with a bromance to leave you squealing your lungs away with the biggest smile that your lips can afford. Hyuka is easily the dramatic child Yeonjun has raised and it’s no surprise that he cuddles him from time to time and asks him to stop growing up so fast because same?

The times when leader Soobin lives as the child inside him and has the happiest face on display is in the presence of Huening Kai. Soobin also shared an anecdote back from their trainee days about his first time getting angry with Kai because he wouldn’t wake up in the morning to go to school. Kai has even written a poem for him, titled ‘Goma’ meaning gum because he feels Soobin, just like gum always stays attached to him no matter what. *crying in plushie*

He’s so naive and pure- he’s so nice… As long as we’re humans and we have emotions, we can’t not love Huening Kai.

Soobin about Huening Kai

Brother, baby, or best friend- we’ll leave you to decide. All we want to do is protect the precious dim-sums they become together. It endears Huening all the more, to us.

Huening Kai and Beomgyu likewise are a beautiful BFF-made-in-heaven, to the point where Beomgyu has even called out Kai’s name in tiny while sleeping due to his sleep talking habit. It’s one of the most perfect relationships Kai has in his life, where he and Beomgyu, probably the loudest members of TXT not only play along like mischievous siblings but also take care of each other to no ends.

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Beomgyu: “I’m a little worried that like me, you might be bright on the outside but lonely and gloomy on the inside too […]”

Huening Kai: “I think you are the member who worries about me and takes care of me the most […]”

Since Beomgyu is the youngest in his family, he adores the Maknaes just like the younger brothers he never had.

When it comes to Kai and the other Maknae, we prepare for unrestrained chaos and a relentless teasing session before we even start. While they fight over who the more handsome guy is, or bond over ice cream, link arms together, or give the weird compliments only they can- the bottom line is that the two Maknaes together is an undeniably wholesome picture. And ridiculous fun.

Be it the angel side or the devil side, trust us, Huening Kai has both, and Taehyun is equally fond of them. In a recent Vlive, he even took to appreciating Kai’s sister Bahiyyih who is set to debut soon, wishing her all the best wishes and endless cheer!

Taehyun also hosted a magic show for MOAs in another Vlive introducing Kai as his “handsome assistant” (who turned awestruck audience in a minute) and it eventually turned into “How to impress your crush session 101” with our beloved Tyunning blushing and giggling. Please- who let them out of our pockets?

Fight fair, love selflessly, laugh loud, live grand, work hard, win hearts- Kai does ’em all, slays ’em all. And since it’s officially the Huening Kai month, we would advise you to keep a constant eye open on Weverse because we suspect Hyuka might just show up with another of his pranks on MOAs! As is his tradition.

We at THP raise the biggest toast to our Huening Dwijeok and wish him the most glorious ride ahead filled with plushies, unicorns, pizza, and aegyo. Comment below your favorite Huening Kai moment and give us all the other reasons to love him without end, because we know we missed a lot. What, we can’t enlist them all when there are a million, can we?

Need more TXT in your life? That was rhetorical (because of course, you do!)

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Featured Image Source: BigHit Entertainment via Weverse Magazine

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