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Luke Hemmings Released His Debut Album WFTTWTAF and We Are Not Okay

Luke Hemmings Released His Debut Album WFTTWTAF and We Are Not Okay

The wait is over fam! Luke Hemmings’ solo debut album When Facing The Things We Turn Away From is finally here. Today, on August 13, the album was available for listening at 12 am EST everywhere. So, question one: What do we think about the album? We love it. Question two: Are we okay? Haha, no.

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Before the album, Luke Hemmings released three songs from the album; ‘Starting Line,‘ ‘Motion,’ and ‘Place in Me.‘ We couldn’t get over these songs because they were too emotional. However, the album is a whole other experience. It is so personal that it feels like it is illegal to listen to it. Believe in us, with every song we felt like we were invading Luke’s privacy. It was something new for 5SOS Fam because Luke showed us a totally new face of him, a part of him that we have never seen before. So, this heavenly experience is special to all of us. We really appreciate Luke pouring all of him When Facing The Things We Turn Away From, showing his vulnerability as a human being to his fans, and the world. 

Obviously, we have so many things to talk about the album, but for now, let’s look at the tracklist of When Facing The Things We Turn Away From and take a deeper look at the songs we heard for the first time. 

The Tracklist

  1. ‘Starting Line’
  2. ‘Saigon’
  3. ‘Motion’
  4. ‘Place In Me’
  5. ‘Baby Blue’
  6. ‘Repeat’
  7. ‘Mum’
  8. ‘Slip Away’
  9. ‘Diamonds’
  10. ‘A Beautiful Dream’
  11. ‘Bloodline’
  12. ‘Comedown’
Cover photo of Luke Hemmings' album When Facing The Things We Turn Away From
Image Source: Official Album Art via Luke Hemmings on Instagram


While Luke Hemmings was releasing one song after the other, a detail caught our eyes. He seemed like he was giving the songs to us in order, but he skipped ‘Saigon.’ As we begin to listen to ‘Saigon,’ the music that we didn’t expect welcomes us. The soft rhythm that makes us remember beautiful summer nights is followed by Luke’s angelic voice. When we come to the chorus, we realize that it is the song that gave the album its title and this is why Luke probably hid this song before the album release.

‘Baby Blue’

‘Baby Blue’ is the fifth track of When Facing The Things We Turn Away From. We don’t know about you, but while listening to the whole album for the first time, we felt like ‘Baby Blue’ was the start of our journey. Everything about ‘Baby Blue’ is heavenly. The calming music, Luke’s beautiful voice, amazing back vocals, and of course, the lyrics. The song is about trying to escape reality as an adult, which is very different from doing this as a child. ‘Baby Blue’s Visualizer was released at the same time as the album. And with that, Luke gave us visual album vibes once again. 


‘Repeat’ is a song that possibly symbolizes a person’s fight with their inner, dark self. When you think about it, we really do this on repeat. It is just like a natural cycle of life. However, as Luke says in the song, this cycle might cause us to not recognize ourselves as we look at the mirror. Sad, deep song alert! (Again)


Oh God, where do we even start about this song? Not only in this album, ‘Mum’ is one of the saddest songs we have ever heard. It is a letter to Liz Hemmings, Luke’s mom, from him. As a person who grew up away from his family, Luke found a way to apologize and also explain himself to his mom with the thing he does the best, songwriting.

When Facing The Things We Turn Away From made us cry.
Image Source: GIPHY

‘Slip Away’

One of the hardest things in the world is facing your own mistakes. It gives you a different kind of pain, shame, sadness, and fear. This song is the exact representation of all of those emotions. Just like you feel them at the same time in real life, Luke Hemmings put all emotions in a single song. From the tone of Luke’s voice to calm strings, the song gives us a glimpse at every mistake we have been running from.


‘Diamonds’ is the ninth track of When Facing The Things We Turn Away From. The song is about hopelessness that is brought by the realization of your dark days may not be the darkest. Right after we say “It couldn’t get any sadder,“ ‘Diamonds’ hits us with all its force. This song is probably the song we witnessed Luke’s vulnerability the most in. And, God, it hurts. 

‘A Beautiful Dream’

‘A Beautiful Dream’ is about to be a fan favorite and can you blame us? The song is based on instrumental music mixed with a voicemail from Luke’s mother. The lyrics are short but straight to the point. It makes us remember that life is slipping away so quickly and nobody has time to stay a little bit longer in one moment.


‘Bloodline’ is probably a very personal song to Luke Hemmings. It is about finding a way out from your struggles but also feeling like these struggles are coming from your blood and you can’t escape even if you try your best. This is the shortest song in the album, but believe us, your heart wouldn’t be able to handle a longer version.


‘Comedown’ is the last song on the album. When we first saw the tracklist, this title scared us, we are not going to lie. This song is like a summary of Luke’s life and struggles but for the first time on the album, this song gives us hope. We feel like if the whole album is about Luke falling deeper and deeper, this song is about him getting up on his feet. “Let it come down on me.” is such a powerful lyric. By this lyric, Luke means, “Okay, bring it on. I can take it. I am strong enough.” We know you are Luke, and oh, by the way, we need you and we will be there with you as long as you let us.

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We knew that this solo project came to life accidentally. Luke just started to write songs in his house during the pandemic and realized that it is turning into an album. The songs on the album prove that he didn’t write to make an album, he wrote because he needed it. In the end, Luke Hemmings did an excellent job and we couldn’t be prouder of him. 

The album is released on the exact day Luke Hemmings created an account on Youtube to post his covers. This day is everything began. It’s a perfect day to look at Luke’s progress and appreciate his talent as a musician. Happy 14 years to hemmo1996. What a time to stream When Facing The Things We Turn Away From!

The next step is the live stream that will happen on Moment House on Saturday, August 14th at 3pm PT / 11pm BST. It will be a live stripped performance and Luke is also going to chat with his excited fans. Are we going to see you there? If you didn’t get the tickets yet, join our giveaway!

Which song is your favorite on the album? Did you cry as much as we did? Don’t be shy, cry with us in our comments, and over on TwitterFacebook or Instagram

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Featured Image Source: David Bates

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