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We Have A Lot Of ‘Good Things’ To Say About The New Dan + Shay Album

We Have A Lot Of ‘Good Things’ To Say About The New Dan + Shay Album

Dan and Shay have been a favorite of ours over here at The Honey POP since back in the ‘19 You + Me’ days. They have brought an entirely new audience to country music with their modern take on the genre. One thing Dan and Shay have remained true to, in the terms of classic country music, is the storytelling. Dan and Shay paint full pictures with the words they sing in ways that are a staple in country music.

As of today, August 13th, Dan and Shay have released their record Good Things. We’re ready to break this one down with you guys so let’s get into and jam out to some music!

Stream Good Things here!

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‘Good Things’

Of course, we have to start with the title track! ‘Good Things,’ is a letter to someone from your past and reminiscing on the good times and hoping that’s what pops into their head when they hear your name. To us, it feels like they look back fondly and just hope that is reciprocated, they hope the other person thinks ‘Good Things.’ Such a strong start to this record!

‘Steal My Love’

It makes perfect sense to us that ‘Steal My Love’ will be the next single off of Good Things. The track makes for the perfect send-off to summer, we know we’ll be playing it at any parties we have as we close out the season. The chorus to ‘Steal My Love’ is easy to learn the words to and is so catchy, it will do incredible on the radio! We’re so ready to see our boys get another hit with ‘Steal My Love.’


We’re always game for a good old fashion love song! That’s what we’re getting here with ‘You.’ We can already picture all the couples we will see using the lyrics from ‘You’ as Instagram captions. That’s when you know a song has caught on like wildfire. That choir in the background brings so much to the track, gives it a larger-than-life feeling.

‘Body Language’

If you’ve been in a relationship for any length of time, you can how easy it is to read your partner just based on ‘Body Language.’ It’s always such a struggle when you can tell there is something wrong in a relationship while the other person pretends everything is all good, that’s usually the beginning of the end. Dan and Shay paint that scenario that we know all too well perfectly in ‘Body Language.’

‘Give In To You’

We have to say, Dan and Shay sound so beautiful here. Their voices are so soft, which goes perfectly with the tone of ‘Give In To You.’ So many of us can listen to this track and immediately relate to having the person you always give in to.


This is it, ’Irresponsible’ is our absolute favorite track on Good Things. We immediately thought of the person in our lives who we can relate back to this song. That person who you know is bad for you and you know it’s a bad idea to hit up, but you do it anyway. We will have ‘Irresponsible’ on repeat!


We have to say, what a cohesive record! All of these tracks flow perfectly into each other.

Lying’ is a song you sing to try and convince yourself that you’ve moved on. It’s the old saying ‘fake it till you make it’ put to music. Sometimes it’s the only way to cope, to pretend like you’ve moved on.

‘One Direction’

Directioners calm down, this isn’t a love song to One Direction.

’One Direction’ is, however, a beautiful love song. We can see ‘One Direction’ being the first dance song at weddings and being a staple in so many couples’ lives. We’re not in love but this track makes us want to be, so we can blast the song out of our car speakers and relate.

‘Let Me Get Over Her’

Our hearts broke during ‘Let Me Get Over Her.’ The track is a plea, likely coming right after a breakup where all you want is to forget the other person. Breakups can be all-consuming and soul-crushing. It would all be so much easier if we could just forget.

‘Glad You Exist’

Glad You Exist’ makes us smile. We can’t help but be in the best mood while we listen to this form of pure sunshine. The song is so pure, just a simple statement of being glad a person you love exists. We will know we’ve found the one when we listen to ‘Glad You Exist’ and think of them.

See Also

‘10,000 Hours’ feat. Justin Bieber

We all know and love ‘10,000 Hours.’ Everything about the track is perfect, especially the addition of Justin Bieber. ‘10,000 Hours’ is Dan and Shay’s most-streamed song, which makes total sense. It’s one of our all-time favorite country tracks. We’re going to go listen to the track about 20 more times, excuse us.

‘I Should Probably Go To Bed’

Ah yes, that internal struggle of knowing what the right choice is, but also knowing what you want. Those things don’t always align. Especially when love, lust, or a feeling similar is the driving factor, it’s hard to think with a clear head.

Dan and Shay couldn’t have ended the album with a stronger track. ‘I Should Probably Go To Bed’ perfectly embodies who they are as artists and wraps up Good Things with a beautiful bow.

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite song off Good Things? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Featured Image Source: Warner Music

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