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New Music Friday: Carlie Hanson, Chelsea Cutler and More!

New Music Friday: Carlie Hanson, Chelsea Cutler and More!

Our favorite day of the week is back! New Music Friday is here, and this one is stacked! We have so much incredible music to share with you, so we need to jump right in! Grab your headphones and a snack, and go on this musical journey with us!

WeathersPillows & Therapy
Image Source: Bitter Kid Records

Stream Pillows & Therapy here!

Pillows & Therapy is the perfect pop-rock album! Funny enough even though we love the rock elements of this record so much, our favorite track is ‘Karma,’ which leans more to the pop-punk side of things. ‘Rehab’ is a close second, we can’t turn these two tracks off.

This song is for all the people that have wronged you. All of us, no matter how proud we are of taking the high road, sometimes wish those people would get some karma thrown their way. What comes around goes around. Be kind. Love one another. Don’t risk karma coming after you

Cameron Boyer – Frontman

Mallory Merk – Counterparts
Image Source: Gaël Corboz

Stream Counterparts here!

Our favorite track off of this EP has got to be the opening track, ‘Over Sentimental.’ The entirety of Counterparts is such easy listening, you want to be vibing the whole time. This project is so different than ‘evol,’ which we previously checked out on another New Music Friday from Mallory Merk.

The Happy Fits – ‘Another Try’
Image Source: AWAL Recordings

Stream ‘Another Try’ here!

The Happy Fits have become one of our absolute favorite indie-pop groups. We have a strong feeling that ‘Another Try’ is going to be a song we can’t stop playing. We often find ourselves realizing that ‘the madness of reality’ is that nothing really matters. We are loving that this track tells us to live it up, if nothing matters why not give things ‘Another Try.’

Valerie Broussard – ‘Wildflowers’
Image Source: House of Artemis

Stream ‘Wildflowers’ here!

We can’t get over how much we love the line “we’ll grow anywhere we’re free.” We love that this song stems from a childhood memory for Valerie, which makes the emotion in her voice make perfect sense. According to Valerie Broussard ‘Wildflowers’ is about “the idea of something so beautiful flourishing even in the dark.”

Jeffery James – ‘We Can Be Heroes’
Image Source: Tallulah PR

Stream ‘We Can Be Heroes’ here!

If ‘We Can Be Heroes’ or the name Jeffery James sound familiar, that might be because you watched Songland on NBC! ’We Can Be Heroes’ feels larger than life! Jeffery’s voice just keeps building, and the choir backing him was such a smart choice, it ties the entire song together. You can hear the Ryan Tedder stamp on ’We Can Be Heroes,’ such an incredible pairing of two gifted musicians.

Oscar Lang – Chew The Scenery
Image Source: Dirty Hit

Stream Chew The Scenery here!

Chew The Scenery is one of the most diverse records we’ve ever heard. Oscar Lang doesn’t force himself into a box, genre-wise. You get an incredible mix of so many sounds, it keeps each song feeling fresh, and like a completely new experience. Our favorite tracks have to be ‘Yeah!’ and ‘Write Me A Letter.’

M.A.G.S – Say Things That Matter
Image Source: Take This To Heart Records

Stream Say Things That Matter here!

We’ve been listening to ‘Wait’ and ‘Beachlove’ from Say Things That Matter on a loop. What a stellar body of work! You guys are getting spoiled this New Music Friday, Say Things That Matter may be one of the best albums you hear all year. Each track will take you to a whole different place, no two sound the same. We love how cohesive the project feels.

ROSIE – ‘Sad Sad Sad’
Image Source: Tallulah PR

Stream ‘Sad Sad Sad’ here!

With ‘Sad Sad Sad’ we are getting a glance into ROSIE’s debut EP, which will be released this fall. As perpetually sad people, ‘Sad Sad Sad’ is right up our alley. The constant struggle and back and forth with depression seems to be the underlying theme here, which so many people will be able to relate to.

Sometimes there are certain scars that never go away, and when sadness is accepted it can serve as a lesson to never repeat the same mistake twice.


Adam James – ‘Falling Upwards’
Image Source: Evergreen Entertainment

Stream ‘Falling Upwards’ here!

In anticipation for The Willows, Adam James has released his newest track, ‘Falling Upwards.’ Something we’ve come to love so much about Adam James is how beautiful his voice is. We could listen to him sing for hours and still be impressed. We’re loving that this track is being used to set the tone for the album, which shows us already that we’ll be obsessed!

Eden Lole – ‘Boys’
Image Source: UMA Entertainment

Stream ‘Boys’ here!

We love the message that Eden Lole is getting across in ‘Boys.’ In every New Music Friday we need a track about female empowerment, ‘Boys’ is that track! Eden Lole sings all about being self-aware and knowing when someone can’t see your worth. ‘Boys’ is for sure a track everyone needs to listen to!

Still Woozy – If This Isn’t Nice, I Don’t Know What Is
Image Source: Interscope Records

Stream If This Isn’t Nice, I Don’t Know What Is here!

Such an incredible listen! We are loving how many albums we have on this week’s New Music Friday! If This Isn’t Nice, I Don’t Know What Is, shows how much range Still Woozy has as an artist. Each song is so unique in its own right, you don’t just have a record with one underlying sound. While we are obsessed with the entire record, ‘Woof’ and ‘All Along’ are our two standouts.

Gilanares – ‘I Know You Wanna Run Away To Hollywood, Jenny’ & Suburban Nightmare’
Image Source: FRNDLY Media

Stream ‘I Know You Wanna Run Away To Hollywood, Jenny’ & ‘Suburban Nightmare’ here!

We think we’ve found a new favorite artist in Gilanares. Her voice is beyond insane and has so much soul. ‘I Know You Wanna Run Away To Hollywood, Jenny’ feels like a letter to herself, which is beautiful. A plea not to leave the home she knows and risk it all in Hollywood. And then, of course, you have ‘Suburban Nightmare’ which feels like Jenny’s response to the previous track.

Camille Peruto – ‘Pretty On The Outside’
Image Source: Camille Peruto via Instagram

Stream ‘Pretty On The Outside’ here!

Here we have the lead single ‘Pretty On The Outside,’ from a record we can expect in the fall from Camille Peruto. While Camille is described as a pop artist as are getting the blues-rock vibes from this track. We love that Camille Peruto can span across genre lines!

Confetti – ‘Guilty Pleasures’
Image Source: Cloudkid Records

Stream ‘Guilty Pleasures’ here!

It’s official if you need us we will be listening to ‘Guilty Pleasures’ until further notice. This track is so much fun! We can’t help but want to be dancing the entire time ‘Guilty Pleasures is on! All of the references to Confetti’s own ‘Guilty Pleasures’ are perfect. But hey, no shame in a little Panic! At The Disco!

Image Source: Universal Music Canada

Stream ‘SKIN 2 SKIN’ here!

We’ve been looking for our next party song, and we’ve found that on this week’s New Music Friday with ‘SKIN 2 SKIN.’ The EDM-pop blend is seamless and puts Rêve in a league of her own. We can clearly see ‘SKIN 2 SKIN’ being played everywhere from clubs, to EDC.

Caroline Carr – ‘Dig Up My House’
Image Source: Capitol Records

Stream ‘Dig Up My Ex’ here!

Caroline Carr is a complete badass, let’s get that clear. The punk music scene isn’t saturated with very many female artists, but we see Caroline Carr making a home for herself within the punk genre. Her voice hits such insane notes, and ‘Dig Up My Ex’ is killer, clearly a recipe for success.

Carlie Hanson – ‘Off My Neck’
Image Source: Warner Records

Stream ‘Off My Neck’ here!

We’ve been loving the artist Carlie Hanson is since 2017, and we’re happy to announce she only keeps getting better. ‘Off My Neck’ is all about the aftermath of losing a friend, something that is never easy. Just from looking at Twitter, we can see how people are already connecting with the track.

If you need us we’ll be screaming “they said that truth hurts but what about lies” into the void.

Louis The Child feat. Bea Miller – ‘Hate U Cuz I Don’t’
Image Source: Colin Miller

Stream ‘Hate U Cuz I Don’t’ here!

Bea Miller never misses with the tracks she jumps on. And of course, Louis The Child are incredible, so naturally, ‘hate u cuz i don’t’ was always going to be a smash. We’re loving the almost hyper-pop sound we’re getting out of ‘hate u cuz i don’t.’ This track is a contender for our favorite song of the year so far.

CAL – ‘Goodbye, Me’
Image Source: Photo Finish Records

Stream ‘Goodbye, Me’ here!

We are loving this look into CAL’s upcoming EP! The line “desperate so we do what desperate people do” has stuck with us. As has the unreal vocal effects you hear throughout ‘Goodbye, Me.’ CAL is definitely an artist to be watching, you’re going to want to jump on board and become fans as we have!

Saleka – ‘How Many’
Image Source: Rafael Perez

Stream ‘How Many’ here!

Any song that stems from a response to the emotional trauma we all dealt with over the last year always impacts us a bit harder than normal. Saleka drew inspiration from just that for ‘How Many.’ Having an artist stand their ground and make a statement like the one in ‘How Many’ is incredible and deserves all the praise.

See Also

Rence – ‘AWOOO!’
Image Source: rigoshotme via Instagram

Stream ‘AWOOO!’ here!

Rence is bringing us his new track ‘AWOOO!’ right after his performance at Lollapalooza! We are loving the concept of ‘AWOOO!,’ the concept of learning the love languages your partner has. Figuring out where a relationship goes, and all the things you learn about that person in those beginning stages. You feel so exposed and raw, that’s perfectly represented in ‘AWOOO!.’

SUECO – ‘Paralyzed’
Image Source: Atlantic Records

Stream ‘Paralyzed’ here!

We’ve been waiting for this one! We saw a sneak peek of ‘Paralyzed’ on TikTok and have been waiting to jam out to the track in full ever since. That moment is finally here and we have to say, ‘Paralyzed’ exceeded all expectations. Pop-punk has found one of its most promising stars in Sueco.

ERICDOA – ‘back n forth’
Image Source: ericdoa via Instagram

Stream ‘back n forth’ here!

When we’re writing up these New Music Friday articles we’re always looking for artists like ericdoa. He’s such an incredible musician and ‘back n forth’ is proof of that. He’s landed on Antipop playlists on Spotify and received praise from some heavy hitters.

Pip Millett – Motion Sick
Image Source: Dream Life Records

Stream ‘Motion Sick’ here!

What an EP! We are convinced Motion Sick could turn anyone into a super fan of Pip Millett. Motion Sick is full of such chill music. Motion Sick is the perfect EP to completely feel all your emotions and just vibe. We’re predicting a huge breakout year for Pip Millett.

Penelope Darling – ‘Tears Run Red’
Image Source: Courtesy of Penelope Darling

Stream ‘Tears Run Red’ here!

It’s fine, we’re fine, we’re just drying our tears over here! You can hear the clear emotion in Penelope Darling’s voice in ‘Tears Run Red.’ It’s said that ‘Tears Run Red’ explores the darkest time of Penelope’s life, and we can feel that. The line “i’m ready to be good enough” broke our hearts.

Chelsea Cutler – ‘You Can Have It’
Image Source: Republic Records

Stream ‘You Can Have It’ here!

We are always going to love new Chelsea Cutler music, it is a fact of life. As summer comes to a close ‘You Can Have It’ is the perfect song to wrap this summer up. The track is not overly pop forward and stays in the realm of indie-pop, but still feels so happy and upbeat.

BabyJake – ‘Watching’
Image Source: Republic Records

Stream ‘Watching’ here!

BabyJake has become one of our favorite modern rock ‘n’ roll artists. One listen to ‘Watching,’ and you’ll see why. His voice is full of so much grit and soul, we are memorized every time we listen. You aren’t hearing sounds like this in mainstream music, and it’s time that changes.

GOODBOY NOAH – ‘Backseat’
Image Source: The Orchard

Stream ‘Backseat’ here!

‘Backseat’ is going to quickly become one of your favorite tracks from this week’s New Music Friday. ‘Backseat’ is the lead single off of Noah’s upcoming EP, we can already tell we’ll be into it if ‘Backseat’ is representative of the sound we will be getting.

Tassia Zappia – ‘Like Ohh’
Image Source: Republic Records

Stream ‘Like Ohh’ here!

Somehow we’ve reached the end of our New Music Friday round-up! We’ve had so much incredible music to cover today, but now it’s time to focus on Tassia Zappia. We loved her sound on ‘When I Was Four’ and we’re even more impressed with ‘Like Ohh.’ Just in the short time between singles, Tassia sounds like a whole new, more mature artist.

Check out more of our New Music Friday coverage here!

We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track we covered in this week’s New Music Friday? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Featured Image Source: Hailey Hastings for The Honey Pop!

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