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The Bees Knees Hot Tracks Twirl Our Minds!

The Bees Knees Hot Tracks Twirl Our Minds!

The weather fires up with warm and hot days! If you need music for your pool and beach parties, THP has got the best tracks to sway and move your minds. From deep grooves to super chill songs, you will find the best of this week’s new up and rising artists on The Bees Knees! Scroll below to learn more. Don’t be shy!

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Omar Apollo – ‘California Dreamin’’

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We crave covers lately and this one from Omar Apollo is such a heartfelt moment. Sit quietly in the sand at night, watch the stars and listen to this stripped-down version of The Mamas And The Papas’ classic 1965 hit ‘California Dreamin’.’ As part of Spotify Singles, the Indiana singer-songwriter takes over one of the most influential songs from the swinging sixties (if we don’t count the huge Beatles discography)! Calm and so pure, the cover fascinates our senses. We are amazed by the simplicity and the romanticism of this version. We escape into dreams deeper than we thought, going away from reality. Omar Apollo is one to watch! He made this old song his own with a rare beauty. Stream exclusively on Spotify here.

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Isabella Lovestory – ‘Vuelta’

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How much time can it take you to turn back to your old crushes? Isabella Lovestory twists it all on ‘Vuelta,’ her new single. She’s on the rise and all we wanna do tonight is dance like the Honduras-born singer. Her flashy looks remind us of Lady Gaga and we aren’t complaining! Around with the slick electro music and sassy vocals, she absorbs our energy and it’s infectious. “Spinning around like a bottle on the ground/You’re the only one that understands” she croons with her silky voice. Desire is a strong feeling we cannot escape! On the bilingual track, she catches bits of our hearts and puts a spell on us. Isabella Lovestory crafts stellar sounds that stick to us like glue with the synth waves vibes. Just as her compatriot Ambar Lucid, Isabella Lovestory takes the world by storm! Stream ‘Vuelta’ on the platform of your choice over here.

Evann McIntosh – ‘Coco Pebbles’

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Summer funk is up and running with Evann McIntosh. They’ve release that song that makes us hungry for more, ‘Coco Pebbles.’ Their new project Character Development, out August 27th, is on our radar without a doubt. With a sultry voice like Billie Eilish and blowing the rhythms like Leon Bridges, we move gracefully to the paradisiac soundscape. Inspired by Prince, Evann McIntosh adds flavor to our day with their fun lyrics. “She’s my second cup of coco pebbles every morning/Pour over me like/Milk,” they sing in the cafeteria with swag. Life is positive and sweet! The 17 year old is not afraid to express their identity and jive into the synthpop dance ambiance. We grow up in style and learn from our experiences. ‘Coco Pebbles’ is a must in your playlist right now! Get your portion of cereal here!

Miles Wesley – ‘Medicine’

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Miles Wesley is another of our artists on the rise this week. In ‘Medicine,’ he brings the flower power with the help of Jutes. Both created such a kaleidoscopic ambient song that we feel utterly high. “You my medicine/You my heaven-sent (Ooh-ooh)/Thirty minutes down, I can feel you settin’ in/You my medicine, at it once again,” they sing in some Justin Bieber melodic attitude. The grooves take all the place and make us feel better instantly, like the people we love. A lone smile can give some cheer and, of course, a song like this! We’re thrilled to hear the sweaty and slow jam guitar riffs. We surf on these Cavetown-infused harmonious experimentations, and it make us more excited for Here Goes Nothing Demos! later this year! The reverb effects are so addictive on ‘Medicine’ that it soothes us immediately. Stream or buy your ‘Medicine’ here.


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Indie music is your thing? Dirty Hit label’s new sensation BLACKSTARKIDS will hook you up with their new single ‘JUNO.’ Following Whatever, Man last year, this new material makes us excited for what’s coming up. The trio from Raytown, near Kansas City, start a new journey with the first track from their upcoming album Puppies Forever. In ‘Juno,’ they keep the sunny bops with more spoken-word and indie guitars. Fans of The Strokes, Weezer and A Tribe Called Quest should pay attention to the happy mood staccatos. They brush up their various influences to make a full banger. “Who needs another thing to be sad about?/Thing to be mad about?/Thing that’ll stress you out?/That’s why I wanna know if I can take you out/Maybe we can dance around!/We can let the pressure out!” they sing in the upbeat chorus. Life is a rollercoaster! The band caught the spirit and keep sending positive vibes to us through their beautiful mixture of sounds. Imagine it on stage! BLACKSTARKIDS are on tour with Beabadoobee and you can get your tickets here for an amazing experience. If you prefer being quiet at home, presave Puppies Forever here and cheer yourself up with the ‘JUNO’ video below.

Claire Rosinkranz- ‘Hotel’

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What does it take to make a great catchy song? Claire Rosinkranz has the perfect recipe. Discovered on TikTok, the new sensation keeps giving us sweet content each time. We discovered her too, through Liam Payne’s The LP Show and her deep lyricism punched hard. She’s making solid poetry at such a young age. Her new song ‘Hotel’ is a piece of glory for all the friendships out there! “Screaming out songs like there’s nobody there/We’re 17 and idiots who play truth or dare/One day I’ll write a story that’ll sit on a shelf About me partying with my friends at some random hotel,” she sings like a siren on the piano. Who can relate to this story? We desperately want to shout these lyrics in a concert, with our full chest! Here’s the good news! You can score your tickets for some dates near you on her official website. Claire Rosinkranz’s new version of ‘Hotel’ doesn’t need to be with complex instrumentation to be joyous and fun to listen to. Like Nina Nesbitt, she brings some fairy melodies into our lonely lives! Catch this song and more gems on the 6 Of A Billion EP here.

Sara Kays- Struck The Lightning

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Are you in a melancholic mood today? We may have the right music for you to put in your headphones now! Sara Kays unveiled her new EP Struck The Lightning and it’s playing non-stop here. Her angelic voice captivates us like nobody else. She teased us earlier this year with ‘Backseat Rider’ and ‘Picture Of You.’ We loved her soft piano ballads. Again, she strikes back with new songs to complete the collection, as a comfort to heartbreak, losses and struggles. We lose our senses and fly away. It’s the same feeling when we listen to Ashe. Sara Kay’s Struck The Lightning is the help anyone needs without knowing it. Music is therapy and her music murmurs positive thoughts in our heads. She’ll do anything for her friends and so will we. She serves a seven track service for our delight! Stream here.

glaive- All Dogs Go To Heaven

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glaive may be a very young artist but he’s already on this massive production. Next to Tom Grennan in the musical perspective, we jam to the smooth electro-pop essence of All Dogs Go To Heaven. Opening on ‘1984’ which is co-produced by Whethan and Nick Mira, we switch in between light grooves and hip-hop as on Post Malone’s ‘Rockstar.’ Through the psychedelic cacophony, punk tones and catchy harmonies, it’s not a surprise we get a few more steps to heaven. This artist on the rise is as diverse he can be. We love the magical falsettos on ‘synopsis’ which leads us to some 5SOS utopia. We also catch a glimpse of Yungblud‘s inspiration in ‘b*stard’ and the list can go on. This mixture makes the perfect summer record. Be motivated by these incredible tracks. Stream and buy All Dog Goes To Heaven here.

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Alfie Sheard – ‘Wish You Missed Me More’

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Do you sometimes stop on the street to listen to bright melodies? Alfie Sheard busked around Doncaster, England, and finally reached the successes he deserved. When one of his videos hit 18 million views, he gained attention overseas and his fan base just keeps growing. Since his appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the young singer won our hearts with his delicate Ed Sheeran ‘Photograph’ like tones. Alfie Sheard is the new king of acoustic guitar, and one thing is sure, Alfie Sheard brings a couple of tears to our eyes with his new single ‘Wish You Missed Me More.’ How does it feel to be away from our loved ones? Is it painful? Of course! The young singer-songwriter strums on his guitar with rage about his loneliness along with smooth and soulful harmonies. Stream ‘Wish You Miss Me More’ here.

What do you think about these tracks and EPs? Put some magic on your playlists and let us know what you picked? Share your inner DJ skills with us on Twitter @The HoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

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