We Are “Sliving” For Paris Hilton’s New Cooking Show

We Are “Sliving” For Paris Hilton’s New Cooking Show

Paris Hilton went from starring in the hit reality show The Simple Life, to singing, to being an entrepreneur, and now to being one of the hottest DJs in the industry. And now, she’s a chef?!? Well, sort of. Just released on Netflix last week, Cooking With Paris is the hottest new celebrity cooking show (That’s hot!).

She is not on her way to Flavortown anytime soon but is cooking the way Paris knows what to do best – adding glitter, sparklers, and designer logos on her dishes.  

This is a cooking show not meant for Gordon Ramsay to critique, and that’s okay! Paris has never taken herself too seriously, and this is a project that shows it. 

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Her Hot Guest Stars

Stars like Kim KardashianDemi LovatoSaweetie, Nikki Glaser, and Nicky & Kathy Hilton, all assist Paris Hilton in cooking delicious meals. From frittatas, shrimp tacos, vegan burgers and fries, to filet mignon, and homemade ravioli (that may or may not be a huge flop). 

Source: Kit Karzen for Netflix

Also, if you want to watch Paris run away from a raw turkey, use her blender incorrectly, ask her guests what a whisk is, and feed her fur babies caviar, then this is the show for you (and us!)

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Paris Hilton and her friends are cooking, laughing, and eating in this lighthearted reality cooking Netflix original. This six-episode series will have you binge watching it all in one sitting. Don’t be shy: grab a snack, get comfy, and watch Paris Hilton almost burn down her kitchen once or twice, you will not be disappointed.

Cooking With Paris is out now only on Netflix. 

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Featured Image Source: Kit Karzen for Netflix

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