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6 Times Joe Jonas Brought Us Happiness By Purely Being Himself

6 Times Joe Jonas Brought Us Happiness By Purely Being Himself

It has been 16 years since Joe Jonas walked into our lives with his brothers and got us addicted to him. He is the definition of “first celebrity crush” to most of us and still, he is there for us to put a smile on our faces in the darkest times. At THP, we couldn’t be prouder to grow up with him and Jonas Brothers

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Joe Jonas is so real, so relatable, and all about laughs and fun. Let’s appreciate him more (as we should) and remember the times he brought joy to our hearts.

Joe Jonas by Emman Montalvan
Image Source: Emman Montalvan for Wonderland Magazine

Bringing Camp Rock Memories Back

If you think you are the only one who misses Camp Rock so much, you couldn’t be more wrong. Nobody misses Camp Rock as much as Joe Jonas and this fact makes us so happy. He always feeds us with Shane Gray content. Last year, he posted a video on his social media accounts, dressed as Shane. Joe didn’t only bring his straightened hair back but also his “resting Shane face” and the very famous suit. And you know what? It made our day!

When He Brings Out the Fan Inside Of Him

Joe Jonas has no ego, this is one of the best things we love about him. He doesn’t hide the fact that he listens to other popular artists’ music. It’s the quite opposite actually, he embraces the music of the other artists. Every time we see he supports an artist we also like, we scream inside. Joe always shares the songs he is listening to in his stories, he talks about the artists he likes in interviews. In the end, legends support legends, right?

Image Source: Tumblr

That Iconic Kardashian Fight Video on TikTok

Okay, let’s be honest. We all know that it was Joe who gave this idea. As the funniest Jonas Brother, (come on, we don’t make the rules), we like to imagine him trying to convince Nick to recreate this video. We love Joe Jonas and how he shows his creative side mixed up with fun content on TikTok, but this was something else.

No, You Are Not The Only One Who Uses JoBros Memes

Joe Jonas proves again his energy is very different from the other celebrities. He loves to use the memes fans made about themselves and most importantly, he knows when to use them. So, when you are checking his social media accounts, don’t be surprised. Believe in us, it is just Joe Jonas being Joe Jonas and we are so into it.

He Lights Up The Room With His Jokes

A boring meeting? Don’t worry, Joe Jonas will make a joke. An uncomfortable interview? Calm down, Joe will change the whole topic with his sense of humor. He always knows when a good joke or a funny little performance is needed. He doesn’t only bring us joy, but also people around him. Imagine having a friend like Joe Jonas! Some people were born lucky, we guess. 

When He Dyed His Hair For Breast Cancer Awareness

Of course, not everything is about fun and laughter. When Joe Jonas dyed his hair pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, our hearts melted. Now, we already know how Joe supports his family members and friends during their dark times and we are pretty sure he also helps us without even knowing. However, this was something else. We love an aware king and we really appreciate him for spreading awareness to his fans, also.

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Joe Jonas dyed his hair pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Image Source: Joe Jonas on Instagram

Joe Jonas has been our safe port for most of the storms we struggled in for a long time now. He is an important part of our journeys now. We have been laughing with him, learning with him, vibing with him, and even crying with him. We love and appreciate him for all the efforts he puts in. And it looks like, we will continue to do that for a long time. You know what they say, “Once a Jonatic, always a Jonatic.”

What do you think about all these moments? Does Joe bring you happiness as much as he does us? Comment below or tweet us on @TheHoneyPop. You can also message us on Facebook or Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Atiba Jefferson for Koio

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