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8 Looks That Prove Tristan Evans Is A Fashion God

8 Looks That Prove Tristan Evans Is A Fashion God

It’s no secret that Tristan Evans, the drummer for The Vamps, is a beast on drums. From the high-intensity energy and the raw talent radiating through every vein in his body, we never cease to be amazed by him when he’s behind a drum kit.

But our adoration for him transfers into other aspects of life as well- like how deeply he cares for his family, friends, fans, and bandmates. And also into his deviously good style.

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Whether he’s kicking it casually or dressed to the nines, Tristan is most definitely an underappreciated style guru. So, we thought it would be fun to introduce everyone to the untapped side of the drummer by showing off eight of our favorite Tristan Evans looks! And yes, he will be looking like a snatched model in every single one – thank you for asking!

Tristan Evans
Image Source: via Tenor

“Honey! Have You Seen Tristan’s Super Suit?!”

We did, and it’s the one in this photo! He looks unbelievably amazing in this suit, and the color combination on the shirt design goes perfectly with the blue shade of the suit. Of course, no iconic Tristan outfit would be complete without his shades on (Boom! Song reference for the win!).

This Boy Is On Fire!

Quite literally because this outfit not only looks fire, it also looks like fire. The unique pattern gives that smokey fire and flames look. We dig this more casual number and think it looks absolutely fierce! His sense of style may be unconventional and unique to him, but that’s what we love most about it!

Red Is His Color

Red on Tristan? Fierce! Leather on Tristan? Bold! Red Leather on Tristan? Gloriously dangerous! We don’t know what it is, but something about this look punches us right in the feels. It’s the perfect accessory for Tris’ closet as he pulls it off flawlessly and makes it look like it was made for him.

Printed Suits? Yes, Please!

This suit was unexpected, and yet somehow we love it more and more every day! Plus, it does make him look like a walking Leonardo DaVinci painting, which we already knew that he was a walking piece of art anyway, so it suits (see what we did there?) him perfectly!🤪

Overalls, Overalls, And More Overalls

Tristan has worn these overalls more than once, and every time he styles them a little differently, creating a unique look that blesses all of our eyes and heals our souls. This look is his most casual styling with a plain black top, bandana, and sunglasses, but he’s also worn these with a fishnet top underneath it before to spice things up! He’s always serving up looks!

Yeah…Red Is DEFINITELY His Color

Are we obsessed with Tristan in suits? Maybe, but can you blame us? He looks so endearing and mysterious, especially in this red one! We also like that he adds his own flair to every suit he wears, a staple Tris piece. Or as we like to say – he Tristanized it! PS: He owns the color red now; we don’t make the rules.

Stay Gold, Tristan Boy

We are still in love with how phenomenal he looks here. It’s a fairly simple look, but gold feels like Tristan. We will never get tired of this look, and thankfully we can relive it anytime we want with the ‘Married In Vegas’ music video! 

Welcome To The Jungle

Mixed animal prints seem to be a growing trend in the fashion world these days. We think the industry should take some advice from Tristan when it comes to mixing up those prints. He has done it so tastefully here, and we are so invested in this entire look; it’s feisty and ferocious. Plus, you know, animal print for an animalistic drummer!

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Tristan Evans
Image Source: via astro-graphics/Tumblr

There you have it, Vamily, eight looks that show the fashionista side of Tristan Evans! He has some untapped potential as a style guru, and we can’t wait to see what looks he serves up in the future! Which of Tristan Evans’ looks is your favorite? Did it make our list? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Markus Bidaux/Attitude Mag

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