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July Music Wrap-Up: BTS, Myles Parrish & More!

July Music Wrap-Up: BTS, Myles Parrish & More!

Every month we look forward to looking back on what incredible music was put out! These are the songs that we simply couldn’t turn off! The songs that made us sing along, cry, dance in our rooms while being thankful no one is watching, you know the usual.

‘Renegade’ – Big Red Machine feat. Taylor Swift

We’ve been playing ‘Renegade’ non-stop since the release of the track. The trio of Aaron Dessner, Bon Iver, and Taylor Swift is pure magic. We can only hope they keep making beautiful music together forever. This song could have been a bonus track on evermore. The sound flows so well with the work we’ve gotten from the trio over the last year or so.

‘butterfly’ – Emily Weisband feat. Karen Fairchild

If it’s by Emily Weisband, we are going to cover it! And then when you get the addition of Karen Fairchild from Little Big Town? Completely next level! These two women have such beautiful voices that meld together seamlessly!

‘Sober’ – Myler Parrish with Cal-A and Capolow

You know we have to show some love to Myles Parrish! ‘Sober’ is a song that you’ll hear us blaring out of our speakers before any night out. It’s the ultimate pre-game track. Cal-A and Capolow bring so much to ‘Sober’ and perfectly match Myles’s flow.

‘Heaven Angel’ – The Driver Era

Every song The Driver Era puts out is perfection. They have such a unique sound, you can always tell automatically if a song is by The Driver Era. They take alt-pop to exactly the place it should be.

‘Permission To Dance’ – BTS

We had to include this absolute jam by our favorite guys! BTS has taken over the music world, so it’s no surprise that track after track is straight fire. We have a feeling we haven’t even seen the peak of what to expect from BTS in the future.

‘Cheers To Us’ – Haywood feat. Loote (Giiants Remix)

Loote is everything and more to us! If she’s on a song we’re going to jump on board, and now we’ve found Haywood through this song as well! ‘Cheers To Us’ is our new go-to party song.

‘Say So’ – Masked Wolf

Masked Wolf needs to be on everyone’s radar! ‘Say So’ is exactly the song you’ve been looking to add to your playlist. The track just hits and creates the most ideal vibe. ‘Say So’ is definitely a feel-good song.

‘rollercoaster’ – Arden Jones

‘rollercoaster’ comes at the perfect time to finish off our summer. We’re always on the search for a song that checks all of the boxes to be the ideal summer song, this one does that and more. Arden Jones killed this.

‘Ain’t Got No Friends’ – Conor Maynard

Conor Maynard has been on our radar for years! We’re talking all the way back to the ‘Vegas Girl’ days!! If there is one thing that’s been made clear, it’s that Conor’s voice is like fine wine, it‘s constantly getting better with time. ‘Ain’t No Friends’ has all the potential to be a hit for Conor Maynard.

‘DRIVE AWAY’ – payton

Payton is the moment! He’s an artist that we are anticipating such a bright future for. If you’re looking for genuinely good pop music, look no further than ‘DRIVE AWAY,’ we’ve had it on repeat!

‘Piece Of Work’ – Loren Gray

We could rave about ‘Piece of Work’ all day long! Since the moment we first heard the track we knew Loren Gray was well on her way to cementing her place as the main pop girl. This track is very reminiscent of early 2000s pop, and we can’t get enough.

‘Good Things’ – Dan + Shay

We had to throw some country music into this July round-up of our favorite new music! And you can’t get better than Dan + Shay! Every track they release has us hooked even further, we can’t wait to hear this one live on their upcoming tour!

‘Motion’ – Luke Hemmings

Our boy!! We could not be prouder of Luke Hemmings for branching out and pursuing this solo endeavor. Everything we’ve heard so far from the album, including ‘Motion,’ shows how Luke’s come into his own as an artist. (As we’re writing this the album came out last night and it’s beyond our wildest dreams)

‘Stoned at the Nail Salon’ – Lorde

Lorde doesn’t miss. We all know that already, but we’re going to praise her anyways. ‘Stoned at the Nail Salon’ is the perfect track to completely zone out while listening to it. It’s almost haunting while somehow also being ethereal.

See Also

‘Kiss The World Goodbye’ – Jesse Mccartney

You heard us right! Everyone’s childhood crush Jesse Mccartney is still making music, and it’s just as good, if not better than what you remember from back in the day. His voice is in its prime and is smooth as butter in his newest track ‘Kiss The World Goodbye.’

‘Thank God You Introduced Me To Your Sister’ – Sarah Barrios

Thank God we found this song! We discovered it on a random playlist and haven’t been able to turn it off ever since! Sarah Barrios is an absolute rockstar, she’s destined for greatness.

‘Happy’ – Tyler Posey

Who would have thought Tyler Posey would become one of the brightest stars in the pop-punk scene! From the screen to the stage his talent is boundless, ‘Happy’ is solid proof. We’ve been screaming the words along to this song since we first heard it.

‘ERASE ME’ – Ethan Cutkosky & Josh Lambert

Be still our hearts!! We’ve been longtime fans of Ethan Cutkosky due to his portrayal of Carl Gallagher on Shameless, so now to have this medium to enjoy his talent? Incredible! ‘ERASE ME’ is a straight-up jam. We hope we will be getting a lot more music in the future.

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We would love to hear from you guys! What was your favorite song released in July? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Featured Image Source: Hailey Hastings for The Honey POP!

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