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Everyone Remain Calm! We Have A Ben Platt Album To Discuss!

Everyone Remain Calm! We Have A Ben Platt Album To Discuss!

The time is here! After what feels like forever that we’ve spent waiting, Reverie is finally out! As super fans of Ben Platt, we couldn’t be more excited, and we’ve already listened to the thirteen-track record at least ten times. We cried, we learned all the words, and we felt so much pride for Ben. We’re dying to get into Reverie with all of you, so let’s dive in!

Stream Reverie here!

Image Source: Courtesy of Atlantic Records

So like we said, Reverie is a thirteen-track album! And it’s a front-to-back masterpiece.

Each song feels so expertly crafted, and it feels like the song placement was a process that Ben Platt has perfected. The placement of each track made the album feel cohesive, which is something we always look for. We have many songs we’re ready to highlight, but we have to say, the album as a whole is a solid ten out of ten. We can hardly wait for how much this album will impact us as we live with it more and more!

Image Source: Courtesy of Atlantic Records

Let’s talk about our golden trio of songs! We love the entire record but these songs have stayed on repeat!

‘childhood bedroom’

Reverting back to simpler times, to dancing around in our ‘childhood bedroom’ is exactly the feeling we’re chasing. There is something so carefree about that period of your life, Ben Platt captures that so beautifully. We love knowing that Ben deals with being overwhelmed in a way similar to us, finding a safe space to exist within.

‘i wanna love you but i don’t’

Yes, we have been crying to this song for the last 48 hours, thank you for asking!

It is such a heartbreaking feeling when all you want is to love someone because you know how good they are for you, but you just don’t. It’s a constant internal struggle of not knowing if you stay because they’re a good person and they are everything you could want, or if you walk away because you don’t love them the way they deserve to be loved.

‘dark times’

This is it, ‘dark times’ is our favorite track on Reverie. You hear Ben Platt take you through his battle with coming out and falling in and out of love. While we haven’t had this exact journey, it’s so easy to hear these lyrics and relate them to your own life. The line “scars turn to memories, they keep us company” hits way too hard.

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite song on Reverie? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!


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