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We Are Pretty Sure ‘Pretty Young’ Is Our New Favorite EP

We Are Pretty Sure ‘Pretty Young’ Is Our New Favorite EP

You guys are well aware by now of how we feel about Nicholas Hamilton. While we have loved his acting career for years (and are the biggest fans of IT) being able to experience what an incredible musician Nicholas Hamilton is, has made us fans for life. Pretty Young is made up of six tracks, including the title track ‘Pretty Young’ and an early favorite of ours, ‘Different Year.’

We’re eager to get into this with you all! Let’s do it!

Stream Pretty Young here!

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Well if this isn’t the most adorable EP opener of all time! Inspired by ‘!!!!!!!’ off of When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? by Billie Eilish, you get this twenty-two-second intro of Nicholas Hamilton laughing as a child. It sets up the theme of the record, which is growing up, and living and learning.

‘Pretty Young’

We haven’t been able to get enough of ‘Pretty Young’ since we first heard it. The comparing of Nicholas’s early life to that of the present day is something that makes the track feel so personal. You feel like you’ve been invited to read his diary. With the vulnerability displayed here, we have no doubt that if Nicholas Hamilton remains this open he will have a lifelong career as a singer-songwriter.

‘Different Year’

Different Year‘ was the perfect debut single. It’s our favorite off of Pretty Young and we will be surprised if it’s not in our Spotify wrapped! This last year or so has had all of us facing a lot of isolation, what better way to deal with these unprecedented times than to write about it?

‘noRoom’ feat. Savannah Walters

‘noRoom’ acts as the only collaboration on Pretty Young. Nicholas Hamilton has this incredibly soft voice, which pairs perfectly with Savannah’s of a similar tone. The track is all about loving someone who has ‘noRoom’ in their heart for you, we can’t think of a feeling more heartbreaking.

‘Everything to Lose’

‘Everything to Lose’ is the only track on Pretty Young that wasn’t a single, so we went into it completely blind! And of course, we love it! ‘Everything to Lose’ acts as an answer to ‘In Line,’ but two years later. It’s all about the struggle Nicholas Hamilton went through while making the decision to move back home to Australia from Los Angeles. Such an honest look into his headspace!

‘In Line’

Contrary to ‘Everything to Lose,’ ‘In Line‘ was written before Nicholas Hamilton made his move to Los Angeles. This song is credited as the first track Nicholas ever wrote, which makes the lyrical content even more impressive! You can feel every emotion that goes along with leaving home for the first time. This thread of honesty runs through the entirety of Pretty Young!

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