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Adam Lambert Adds Glamour To Life With Flawless Makeup Tutorials

Adam Lambert Adds Glamour To Life With Flawless Makeup Tutorials

Adam Lambert

The Grammy-nominated global superstar Adam Lambert leads the way when it comes to all things glitz and glamour. Music fans have gravitated to his distinctive style and vocals, but he’s also garnered attention with his captivating makeup. Adam exhibited a degree of glamour and charisma that was uniquely his own, even when he was on American Idol. 

Making up is more than just a pretty face or concealing imperfections.
It is a tool you can use to communicate your true self!

Image Source: Adam Lambert via Instagram

Recently, Adam Lambert launched a five-part makeup tutorial series on his official YouTube account, showcasing his artistic abilities and various innovative looks. He demonstrated some of his favorite makeup styles, products, and awe-inspiring application techniques. He shared his enthusiasm with this world immediately upon the premiere of the series, saying:

Sooo excited to share with you the first of a series of makeup tutorials I’ve been working on. Starting with a natural look I use often when leaving the house. Would love to hear your feedback so be sure to take photos of yourself and tag me! Watch now on my official @YouTube channel and keep an eye out for future tutorials.


It is no secret that Adam loves makeup and fashion, and he carries the style brilliantly. In a previous interview, he enthusiastically discussed how makeup influenced and played a significant role in his life. He plans to launch a beauty line in the future as well. To give you a heads up, we are checking our bank accounts and saving for that entire future collection right now!

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The flamboyant performer is often known for his bold stage makeup looks, but he decided to ease us into tutorials by showing us how to achieve his go-to ‘Natural Look.’ Through a step-by-step tutorial, Adam demonstrates to his viewers how to achieve a natural look that’s just softly glam enough for a perfect night out. He takes them on an exciting journey as he explores various high-end beauty products and experiments with eye makeup, concealers, foundation, blush, and bronzers to achieve a stunning look. Additionally, he shares some fancy tricks he’s learned over the years.

Let’s walk you through the first tutorial and give you a taste of how easy it can be to get a ‘Natural Look’ in no time. All thanks to you, Adam!

To achieve the ‘Natural Look,’ Adam Lambert begins by blending Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo into any sparse spots on the eyebrows. Then, he accentuates his eyes with a champagne-toned eyeliner by Mac Cosmetics. The eyelids are prepped with Pat McGrath concealer before the shadow is applied. Adam layers an array of brown shades on his eyes to add depth and dimension using the Nars Loaded Eyeshadow palette, ensuring that the results will absolutely knock you off your feet.

Next, he applies Pat McGrath concealer under his eyes to eliminate dark circles. In addition to Pat McGrath’s foundation, he contours his cheekbones using Fenty Beauty Match Stix. Adam applies Skin Fetish highlighter to his cheekbones to enhance their natural radiance. He then sets the cream products with the loose powder from Fenty Beauty. The look is completed with mascara and bronzer to add warmth to the skin. The final step entails Lambert using beard oil to remove any makeup products left on his facial hair. This soft, glam look is just right for a fun night out with friends, as it will enhance your natural beauty and highlight your sparkling features. Will you try to recreate this makeup look? If so, don’t forget to tell us on social media about it.

I just loved getting to sit in front of the mirror and transform my face and cover up all of my freckles at the time.


The singer followed through on his promise to do glamorous and extravagant makeup looks in future tutorials. Throughout the five-parts long series, we were first introduced to a flawless ‘Natural’ look, then swept up in an electrifying ‘Disco Blue Glam’ look that we are completely enamored with.

Third, we have a ‘Hot Glam’ look with vibrant red and pink hues and a special touch of shimmer that Adam managed to pull off effortlessly.

For the next installment in this stylish series, the ‘Night Life’ look is perfect to wear to a club with friends, attending a concert, or even a date night with your significant other.

Finally, the series concludes with a breathtaking ‘Valentino Red’ look, which boasts bold red lips that will turn heads everywhere at once. It’s the least to say that this makeup look is gorgeous, just the icing on the cake!

There has been plenty of accolades for the series, and we still can’t get enough. Furthermore, Adam also encouraged his fans to recreate the looks and share them with him on social media. The singer has earned a reputation as both a performer and a style icon throughout his career. He has mentioned several times in the past that he is deeply encouraged by his mother to be as expressive as possible with his fashion and style choices. The way he performs onstage is certainly something to behold, as are the looks he wears.

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Now that YouTube tutorials are available, we all have the chance to learn about his exceptional artistic makeup abilities. As you know, we’d like to try our best to recreate these makeup looks, what about you? Are you with us? Share your thoughts on the series with us and let’s continue the conversation going by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP or commenting below!

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Featured Image Source: Adam Lambert via Instagram

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