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How Niall Horan Gained The Title “Golfing Hero”

How Niall Horan Gained The Title “Golfing Hero”

Niall Horan has owned our hearts for a long time now. He is the chill big brother we’ve always dreamed of and seriously, we don’t even know how to explain all the reasons why we love him. But we’ve got to start somewhere! So why not start here… with his biggest passion apart from music, golf? We love the way Niall is trying to create an equal environment in golf. 

Niall is the founder of Modest! Golf Management and his biggest aspiration as he was building this business, was to encourage young golfers and to prove to the whole world that golf is not a “rich-man sport.” Niall Horan is still working on this goal and trying to create a safe place, not only for young people but also for women, disabled golfers, and more. At the end of the day, yes, we really stan a king.

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Niall Horan at ISPS Honda World Invitational Golf Tournament.
Image Source: The European Tour on Twitter

His Aim With ISPS Honda World Invitational

Niall Horan summarizes the tournament with one sentence: “Equal playing field and equal money for everyone.” Starting on July 29, Niall was there doing what he’s most passionate about (apart from music): playing golf and supporting the golfers. The tournament was presented by Niall’s company Modest! Golf, so Niall played a huge role as an ambassador during the tournament. With every chance given to him using his influence to talk about golf, he keeps saying that he is here to change the game and create an equal environment. So, the ISPS Tournament was everything he aimed for: men, women, children, and disabled people were brought together by golf.

Niall’s Support For Amy Bockerstette

If you haven’t heard of the name Amy Bockerstette, this is the right time. Amy is a huge inspiration for people with Down syndrome and Niall Horan is one of her biggest supporters. She is the first person with Down syndrome, in history, to receive an athletic scholarship for college. Amy is also the first person with Down syndrome to participate in a national collegiate championship. She has been playing golf since she was 14 and it didn’t take long for her to make an impression with her success. When she was asked, “If you could play golf with one person in the world, who would it be?” she answered “Niall Horan” without a second thought.

Niall has championed Amy as one of the biggest inspirations in the golf community. As one of the ambassadors, Niall invited her to the tournament and asked her to make the opening shot to kick off the tournament. Amy might be a big fan of Niall, but it is so good to see that it’s mutual! Niall really adores her and is ready to support her through her golfing journey.

His Fans Are Inspiring Him

Every time he is asked his inspiration in golf, Niall Horan gives an answer based on his fans. Niall is aware that if he collaborates with his passionate fans to change the stereotypes of golf, he can succeed. He especially talks about his female fans, and how much he believes that they can do anything they want to do. He gives this example because he knows that making a sport grow comes from women. “If we can grow the female game, we can grow the game in general. As simple as that.” says the Golfing Hero to Today’s Golf

Golf has been growing every day and the golfing community is aware that Niall Horan has a huge impact on it. He doesn’t only try to nurture the game in a positive direction for everyone, but he’s also trying to encourage people by using his voice, which he gained mostly from his music career. And, it works! Both golf fans and Niall’s own fans adore the things he does for golf.

What do you think about Niall Horan’s influence on golf? Do you think he can really change the future of the sport? Let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Niall Horan via Instagram

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