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YUNGBLUD On Trends, Fashion and Authenticity

YUNGBLUD On Trends, Fashion and Authenticity

 YUNGBLUD (Aka Dominic Harrison) has been killing it lately, as he has recently been playing multiple sold-out gigs in London (including live streaming one night on TikTok), announcing a new era with his single ‘Fleabag’ out August 19th, and a podcast! He’s been keeping his fans on their toes and happy. In addition, he was recently on the digital cover of HUNGER Magazine; in a supplementary interview, he talks about what he wants from his music, his form of expression, and what’s next for him.

Image Source: Jordan Rossi for HUNGER Magazine

Growing up in Doncaster

YUNGBLUD talks about his upbringing in the North of England, saying it was challenging due to his internal struggles. “I was always quite creative and had ideas about my sexuality and my gender that didn’t conform to the ideologies that Doncaster would put in front of me,” he said. YUNGBLUD is an inspiration to many young people; us included; him being open about the insecurities he faced is a new side we don’t often see, he’s usually being confident with who he is. So this was a really interesting thing for fans to read about, seeing that their fave also struggled like we do.

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Image Source: Jordan Rossi for HUNGER Magazine


Going off on his self-expression, he dives into fashion and how he wants his style to be cool without exploitation. He told HUNGER magazine, “mainstream fashion doesn’t have a lot of heart, it’s like; “Top 10 artist works with top 10 designer.” Then they work with the [magazine] editors, and they’re all in bed together. It all feels so fu**ing corporate”(…) “fashion is that it’s all supposed to be sick and twisted and new, and it feels like right now all the subcultures are exploited.” YUNGBLUD is known to be an advocate for those who need the voice, so it’s no surprise he’s pointing out the flaws in mainstream fashion as well.

Image Source: Jordan Rossi for HUNGER Magazine

He then explains he has made his music community-based and it’s important to him, because a lot of music is missing culture. After all, they’re based on trends. “A definition of a trend is that it’s meant to die, and I don’t want something that would die, I want something that would last forever. I want to belong somewhere, and it’s always about the fans – they are the beginning, the middle, and end of the story. I adore them with all my heart, and I will do forever,” he said in the interview. It’s no surprise YUNGBLUD has helped a lot people, it’s safe to say what he’s doing won’t die out soon.

Image Source: Jordan Rossi for HUNGER Magazine

Staying Authentic

He was asked about his music’s perspective being youth-based and if he thinks that will work out when he’s older. “I’m not going to be the same artist that I am today as I am tomorrow,” he revealed. He then states that no matter how big he gets, he will always lead with his heart and do what he wants. YUNGBLUD is a great example of what being authentic means, and we think he deserves more credit for everything he is doing for others who feel like they don’t have a voice.

Image Source: Jordan Rossi for HUNGER Magazine

What are your thoughts on YUNGBLUD’s answers? Do you agree? Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Jordan Rossi for HUNGER Magazine

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