5 Reasons Why… You Have To Catch The Maroon 5 x blackbear Tour

5 Reasons Why… You Have To Catch The Maroon 5 x blackbear Tour

August 10, what a night! We had the chance to attend the opening night of the Maroon 5 and blackbear tour, and we have to say, it was the perfect welcome back to live music! We danced and sang at the top of our lungs and came to the conclusion that it’s the tour of the summer!

Throughout the few hours spent at the show, we compiled a list of the five reasons you have to catch the tour! Let’s get into it!

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Adam Levine is one of the greatest frontmen in history!

It’s cold-hard facts. As each song progresses, you’ll be completely blown away by the range Adam Levine has. We knew he was immensely talented but had no idea he could hit the notes we heard him hit! He holds his own with the all-time greats when it comes to being a leading man, it’s about time everyone gives him that credit.

‘She Will Be Loved’ is on the setlist!!

Going into the show this was our biggest hope! We grew up massive fans of Maroon 5, which also means we grew up with ‘She Will Be Loved’ as a staple song. As soon as we heard the opening chords something took over our bodies, and we sang almost as loud as Adam. It was the most full-circle, worthwhile moment. Hearing songs you’ve loved your whole life live is something special!

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blackbear’s set had zero misses!

Front to back, blackbear perfectly crafted his set. If you don’t go into the show as a super fan, you will definitely leave one. Ending his set with ‘hot girl bummer’ was the ultimate choice. We ended that song feeling as though we might not have a voice left once Maroon 5 graced the stage.

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‘Memories’ live is an otherworldly experience.

‘Memories’ is a song that is very personal to Adam Levine. He even gives a whole speech about its importance before it’s performed. After over a year without live music, being able to just sway to this song and sing along was almost therapeutic. It was such a unifying moment between us as the audience and Maroon 5 as the artist.

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The finale!!

Maroon 5 made the best decision possible when it came to the finale, they closed out the night with ‘Sugar.’ Ending the night with the catchiest song possible was perfect. We danced and sang louder than we had all night and we know if you attend the show this will be a standout moment for all of you!

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We would love to hear from you! Are you attending the Maroon 5 and blackbear tour? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!



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