Little Simz’s ‘Woman’ Power Is Stronger Than Ever!

Little Simz’s ‘Woman’ Power Is Stronger Than Ever!

Do you often keep quiet and be introvert? Or, do you prefer shouting from the rooftops about social issues and your personal ventures? Mercury Prize winner Little Simz seized her power! Expect big tunes with her new album on September 3rd. She speaks loudly about society in flawless poetry. Little Simz’s ‘Woman’ is her latest teaser and it’s on repeat in our streaming apps!

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Make The World A Better Place

With blood and tears, the harsh poetry confronts love and hate on Little Simz latest work. She teased a few singles out of the new album and we feel the dominant stance of her lyricism. On ‘I Love You I Hate You,’ she learns how to love someone even if the personality and habits clash. She knows what she wants exactly. The rapper fights for her happiness. Then, you got ‘Rollin Stone.’ Despite the fact of being judged, she stays true to herself with her values. Her rap rhymes flow like no others! It shows also on the first track she unleashed ‘Introvert.’ She talks without fear about how you can see things, but can’t express yourself. Vibrant, this song is the main line of her whole album. The world, its politics, and the people in the action should work together for a better place. Preorder Sometimes I Might Be Introvert here.

A True Inspiration!

The London rapper brings raps to a new dimension on her new single. Little Simz ‘Woman’ celebrates the excellence of female power! “Brooklyn ladies, know your hustle on the daily/Innovating just like Donna Summer in the ’80s
/Your time, they seeing you glow now/Intelligence and elegance, show ’em how
,” she snaps in her ode to women and diversity. Stream the song here! On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the singer-songwriter proved with a solid performance full of soul that she stands for the people. She inspired many of us with her brutal honesty and swag, paying tribute to hard work mothers and daughters of the planet! Watch it below!

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? What are you excited about the most about Little Simz’s new record? Tell us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

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