Waterparks Release ‘The Secret Life of Me’ Video

Waterparks Release ‘The Secret Life of Me’ Video

Waterparks are back again with the release of their ‘The Secret Life of Me’ video. This song is on their newest released album Greatest Hits. Trust us when we say this is one you really don’t want to miss!

If you haven’t already watched this video, now is the time! Or hey, if you did why not watch it again? Because, well it is that good.

Waterparks ‘The Secret Life of Me’ video gives off some crazy vibes that we just cannot get enough of. Directed by Erik Rojas and the band’s own Awsten Knight, the video creates a unique visual that portrays the song’s theme of disassociation and escaping reality. The glitchy feel that this video gives fits in so well with the song. We are loving this video and will probably be watching it hundreds of times.

If there is one thing that we love most it is that Awsten has such an involvement in directing. It gives us all a better look into what he is thinking, which is always such a cool thing for fans!

Waterparks ‘The Secret Life of Me’ video release isn’t the only excitement for the band. They are getting ready to hit the road this fall on the A Night Out On Earth Ft. Waterparks tour. If you haven’t gotten your tickets for the tour yet, don’t wait any longer! You can get yours here!

We here at The Honey Pop love Waterparks and ‘The Secret Life of Me’ video! We want to hear what you think of this new video! Also, let us know if you are seeing them on tour this fall! Tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: Jawn Rocha

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