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8 Things We Loved About Kim Jong Kook And ATEEZ’s Collab

8 Things We Loved About Kim Jong Kook And ATEEZ’s Collab

Everyone, pack up and go home. There’s still a month of summer left, but we’ve already found the bop of the summer. K-Pop legend Kim Jong Kook and boy group ATEEZ have just released their music video for ‘Be My Lover,’ the title track of their collaboration album Season Songs. Other songs included on this album are remakes of ‘White Love’ and ‘Black Cat Nero,’ which were both released by Kim Jong Kook’s group Turbo in the 1990s. Here are eight things we love about the ‘Be My Lover’ music video! 

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The Song Intro 

We could not control our excitement when Kim Jong Kook and Jongho’s sweet singing transitions and builds up to the beat. Then when Hongjoong introduces the song with, “Yes! KJK! We ATEEZ! Collaboration for all the broken hearts.” Wow. Something about that is just *chef’s kiss*.

The Fun Summer Vibes

We call ‘Be My Lover’ the bop of the summer because it’s such an upbeat and feel-good song, but the music video makes it even more fun. Kim Jong Kook and ATEEZ dancing in a field, having a picnic, and relaxing by the pool are peak summer vibes. And the colors in each shot are so vibrant!

Kim Jong Kook and ATEEZ's Yeosang and Yunho relax by the pool
Image Source: Screenshot of ‘Be My Lover’ Music Video

Seeing Mingi Again

Our beloved rapper Mingi is back! ATEEZ’s agency officially announced his return from hiatus last month, and we loved seeing all eight members together again. Mingi took a break from group activities late last year due to symptoms of anxiety. Although he continued to record songs with his group members, he did not perform with them or make appearances on music shows and variety shows.

ATEEZ's Mingi celebrates his birthday on August 9, a week before the collab with Kim Jong Kook dropped.
Image Source: ATEEZ via Twitter

Seonghwa’s Rapping

Seonghwa joining the rap line on this song is something we didn’t know we needed. He can sing, dance, and rap? What can’t this guy do? His voice matches Hongjoong’s and Mingi’s so well. We hope this isn’t the last time Seonghwa raps!

Kim Jong Kook and ATEEZ's rap line concept photos
Left to right: Seonghwa, Hongjoong, Mingi (Image Source: KQ Entertainment)

Kim Jong Kook Doing Cute Choreography

If you’ve seen Kim Jong Kook on Running Man, you’ll know he’s portrayed as a very intimidating and competitive guy. He almost always wins in any test of strength because he practically lives at the gym. Come on, just look at his muscles. Seeing this buff man dancing cutely is one of the highlights of this music video.

Screenshot of be my lover music video
Image Source: Screenshot of ‘Be My Lover’ Music Video

ATEEZ Fanboying Over Kim Jong Kook

Kim Jong Kook is a K-Pop legend because he was one of the most popular idols in the 1990s, which is considered the first generation of K-Pop artists. He debuted in 1995 as a member of the duo Turbo, before anyone from ATEEZ was even born! The way ATEEZ fanboy over Kim Jong Kook is precious, especially Yunho, Yeosang, and Jongho. We love to see first-generation idols interacting with fourth-generation idols, and Kim Jong Kook is definitely giving us dad energy in this video.

Kim Jong Kook and his fanboys from ATEEZ
Left to right: Yunho, Yeosang, Jongho (Image Source: KQ Entertainment)

San and Wooyoung’s Bromance

San and Wooyoung take every shot they have together to flirt, and it’s adorable. When one tries to be cutesy, the other acts cool and uninterested-yet-interested. There are so many moments where we can feel the love between these two and how comfortable they are with each other. An amazing duo!

Screenshot of Woosan from be my lover
Image Source: Screenshot of ‘Be My Lover’ Music Video
Be my lover WooSan concept photos
Left to right: San, Wooyoung (Image Source: ATEEZ via Twitter)

The Sweet Lyrics

‘Be My Lover’ is about a confession of love. The literal translation of the song title is ‘Do You Want To Go See The Sea?’ which they say as an excuse to see their crush. As the song reaches the end, the lyrics go from saying, “Do you want to go see the sea?” to “I’m in love with you, always.” As cheesy as it may be to some people, we love a good love song

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Featured Image Source: KQ Entertainment

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