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Fictional Characters Who Are Fashion Icons

Fictional Characters Who Are Fashion Icons

We can’t be the only ones here that see a character on TV and think their fit is pretty cute! Even if the character isn’t real, they certainly have some fashion sense we love to take inspiration from. So, how about we put on a fashion show in honor of showcasing our favorite fictional fashion icons!

Usagi from Sailor Moon

First up on the runway, we have Usagi Tsukino! While technically all the sailor scouts could be in this show because their fashion is just as good, we’ve decided to focus on our main girl for now!

Image Source: Giphy

Bubbly and a bit childish, Usagi’s personality reflects outwards onto her style as she’s commonly seen wearing a very light pastel palette with the occasional animal print or two. Additionally, she often wears very loose clothing such as shorts, dresses, and tennis skirts which by the way is becoming a popular fashion staple.

For instance, we can see the majority of these elements in her super cute pastel blue overall dress above! Simple yet still aesthetically pleasing. Looking at Usagi’s clothing, it’s obvious that her style still upholds it today. For one, there are dozens of Instagram accounts dedicated to documenting what she wears in every episode. And for two, does her style just give of cottagecore met soft girl aesthetic vibes or not?

Cher from Clueless

Um, hello? As if we would forget Cher! Her fashion has been emulated ever since the movie came out especially when it comes to that iconic yellow plaid suit we see her wearing at the beginning of the film. Like everyone wore that outfit from cosplayers all the way to Kpop idol groups like Loona yyxy. Plus everyone knows the 90s are back in style and Cher’s slip dresses, plaid, and sheer tops definitely stood the testament of time!

Image Source: Paramount Pictures

In fact, some of the outfits Cher wears such as when she’s at school mirrors the academia fashion trend currently taking over social media. Her red vest and plaid skirt along with her thigh highs in this particular outfit give off such a studious vibe here. They are for sure items you would see at least once in a dark academia clothing haul on TikTok

Sabrina the Teenage Witch from the 90s Live-Action

Sabrina the Teenage Witch has been adapted in many, many different forms with many different styles. So for this show, we are sending Sabrina from the well-known 90s live-action sitcom next down the runway! Sabrina Spellman is already established as the perfect fictional fashion icon just from her memorable outfit change in front of the mirror during the opening theme song. If only getting ready in the morning was that easy!

Image Source: Giphy

As for Sabina’s clothing style in the show itself, a lot of her outfits perfectly fit the y2k trends of today with her often wearing mom jeans and hair barrettes. Additionally, Sabrina usually experiments with the mixing of textures such as silk, sheer, and velvet fabrics adding on that unique look. But the most timeless part of Sabrina’s style is her all monochromic color outfits like below. Isn’t it just très chic?

Image Source: Tenor

Moesha from Moesha

Next down the runway, we have Moesha. Creative and bold, Moesha’s outfits certainly match her personality. Her outfits worn consist of layering different clothing patterns and textures, making for an eye-catching look.

Image Source: United Paramount Network via Josy Kass Youtube

In addition, Moesha is also shown wearing matching sets—a popular clothing style you can sell at any major fashion retailer or Instagram shop—bucket hats, and berets. In this picture particularly, Moesha encompasses all the mentioned trends and then some: a mini purse, a layered top with a staple pattern, gold jewelry, and a beret. Yeah, she was definitely ahead of the times!

Raven from That’s So Raven

Oh, snap! This fashion show would not be complete without Miss Raven Baxter. After all, she loves fashion, as she is a fashion designer! As such, all Raven’s clothes are one of a kind having various jewels, floral patterns, and out-there designs. Why wouldn’t you wanna shop in Raven’s closet?

Image Source: Giphy

Like the rest of the icons in this fashion show, parts of Raven’s clothing style have come back with the revival of the y2k aesthetic fashion. Bootcut and flare jeans, items Raven regularly wears, have been having a return with the dwindling popularity of those suffocating skinny jeans. Furthermore, Raven’s clothing style also has some similarities to the glamorous baddie clothing aesthetic as her custom clothes sometimes incorporate sparkly materials and furs.

But, the most obvious example of the y2k and baddie aesthetic, we think are Raven’s statement flare jeans. It totally matches today’s trend of wearing custom statement jeans!

Image Source: Disney

Also, please tell us we aren’t the only ones to remember that hilarious digestion scene from this episode right?

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Harper from Wizards of Waverly Place

Finally, we conclude this fashion show with the and only Harper Finkle! Okay, we know what you’re thinking: “Um, why Harper? Shouldn’t Alex be the one in this spot? She’s the fashion designer here?” Yeah, well while Alex’s looks are pretty great, Harper’s outfits are frankly more memorable. Each outfit Harper wears is incredibly detailed from her hair down to her shoes. Also, Harper dedicates herself greatly to making each outfit have a theme.

Like, remember when she dressed up as a car, whole working horn and all! See, incredible detail and again, memorable! Now, how can we not honor our girl doing some haute couture as a fictional fashion icon too?

Image Source: Disney

Harper’s style is all about being quirky, playful, and accessorizing a whole lot. And actually, we won’t be surprised if Harper got her style inspiration from Harajuku fashion, specifically decora fashion, both of which originated from Japan in the late 90s. If Harper was on TikTok, something tells us she would be popular amongst the decora and kawaii fashion creators. 

Don’t you wanna just raid these characters’ closets now? Ugh, if only they were real! At least we can still take inspiration from their styles. Did we miss any other fictional fashion icons in this show? If so, why don’t you let us know in the comments below or tweet at us @thehoneypop. We’re also on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source Caroline Wang via The Honey Pop Graphics Team

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