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Lorde Blessed Us With Her New Song And Music Video ‘Mood Ring’

Lorde Blessed Us With Her New Song And Music Video ‘Mood Ring’

Lorde Solar Power Album

Our beloved queen Lorde dropped her new single ‘Mood Ring’ on August 17 and with the song and the music video, she proved again that it was worth waiting for her to come back. From the moment she stepped into our lives, she made a name for herself with success. It looks like it won’t change with her upcoming third studio album Solar Power which will be out on August 20. Yes, the wait is over, everyone! 

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We are still trying to get over the song and blonde Lorde, but we have no time to rest. The album is almost here, Lorde will perform at GMA Summer Concert Series, and also she will be on Late Late Show with James Corden for a whole week! Then, of course, the 2022 Solar Power Tour. In short, she is coming back stronger than ever. But before the huge comeback, let’s take a look at ‘Mood Ring’ in detail. 

Lorde in 'Mood Ring' music video.
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Lorde On ‘Mood Ring’

So far, we have noticed that Solar Power will be heavily influenced by nature. However, with ‘Mood Ring,’ Lorde showed us another side of the album: spirituality. Lorde says that while making this song, her biggest concern was trying to connect to the modern world. So, she started to look for similarities and as a result, she noticed that wellness culture and spirituality are something we have in common with the society back in the 1960s.

Closer Look At The Lyrics And The Video

As we can see in the lyrics, Lorde feels the heavy burden of the modern world on her shoulders, and trying to connect with the past she can reach the easiest, her childhood. Yet, she doesn’t find it enough. So, she starts to meditate, trying to cleanse the negativity she has been feeling with crystals. She even looks at her mood ring and tries to figure out how she is feeling because of the numbness that modern society caused. The song ends with the line “I just wanna know, will be alright?” It means, even she doesn’t know if it works trying to connect the past with rituals to run away from modernity. At least, not yet.

The music video starts with the quote “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.” Well, this is a phrase that has been used in many different areas for different purposes. However, it is critical for this song because the song is about trying to find yourself within the past. So, when you look at the quote, maybe Lorde is trying to tell us we shouldn’t go way back to find herself because the person we are seeing in the mirror is actually closer than we think. 

After the quote, a blonde Lorde salutes us. Yes, you heard it right, blonde! We are as surprised as you are but doesn’t she look amazing? Our blonde Lorde isn’t alone, just like in her first single that gives the name to the album ‘Solar Power,‘ she is surrounded by her friends. This time, they are kind of making rituals together to make themselves feel better. The whole music video gives a huge cult vibe but whatever that cult is, we want to join. 

Lorde’s schedule is pretty busy from now on. With her new album Solar Power, we should prepare ourselves to see Lorde everywhere. Solar Power will be a disc-less album to show Lorde’s concern on environmental issues. She is not only blowing our minds with her talent but also her awareness. We love our queen. So, don’t forget to pre-order this disc-less album which will, hopefully, lead the way for other artists. 

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