More ‘Magic’ From Rico Nasty In New Music Video

More ‘Magic’ From Rico Nasty In New Music Video

If you’re anything like us, then Rico Nasty’s hit single ‘Magic’ has been a key part of your summer soundtrack since its release in June. The chill beat and breezy woodwinds provide the perfect backup for Rico’s buttery smooth vocals. Although it’s a major departure from the blaring, abrasive sounds on her 2020 album Nightmare Vacation, ‘Magic’ is exactly the sort of song we want to hear while we’re lounging by the pool or cruising around town with friends.

The brand new music video, released on August 20, is also pure summer with a Rico Nasty twist. Opening with a shot of brown earth streaked with tire tracks, reminiscent of Mad Max: Fury Road, we already know it’s time to buckle up for a fun ride. Aesthetically, the dirt bikes, dyed hair, and sprawling desert landscape give off post-apocalyptic vibes in the best way possible. Of course, Rico has a few other tricks up her sleeve like the use of old school special effects and transitions that will keep you on your toes the whole way through.

Image Source: Rckytvn via DJ Booth

Everything in this music video is constantly in motion, whether it’s Rico and her backup dancers grooving to the hypnotic beat, the dirt bikes popping wheelies on the open road, or the camera itself. In fact, we’re so charmed by the spell of ‘Magic’ that we also can’t help but move to the music.

Since ‘Magic’ describes a stable, loving relationship, the music video’s happy ending is the cherry on top. The final shot is pure cinema: we see Rico and her bae drive off down the highway against the breathtaking backdrop of the sun setting in the desert sky. We hope one day that will be us.

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Featured Image Source: Jessica McKinney via Complex

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