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New Music Friday: Alesso, Marshmello & More!

New Music Friday: Alesso, Marshmello & More!

Candice Hoyes – ‘Zora’s Moon’ (Remix)
Image Source: Lissyelle Laricchia

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Stream ‘Zora’s Moon’ here!

We are always here for a remix! This remix of ‘Zora’s Moon’ is done by Natasha Diggs, who alongside Candice Hoyes, wanted to create an ode to Black girlhood. The remix comes as a one-year celebration of the original track coming out, and in our opinion it has completely elevated a track that was already killer!

Zach James Douglas – ‘Anyone Else’
Image Source: ZJD Records

Stream ‘Anyone Else’ here!

‘Anyone Else’ is the third single from Zach’s debut EP 6×3, which we can expect on September 10th! This track dives into the feeling of self-shame that comes rolling in after a break up, wondering how the other person can move on so quick, and wondering why you weren’t enough. That feeling is something so many people (including us) can relate to!

L.A Exes – Get Some
Image Source: Courtesy of L.A Exes

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Stream Get Some here!

We couldn’t be more obsessed with the record Get Some. L.A Exes are a group we found and the process of falling in love with their music was immediate. With each song on this record, we found ourselves further impressed, but we do have to say our favorite is ‘West Keys.’ One of our absolute favorites in this week’s New Music Friday!

ANISE – ‘Kinfolk’
Image Source: We Plug Good Music PR

Stream ‘Kinfolk’ here!

Seeing this song described as ‘Infectious trap-pop’ makes perfect sense! ‘Kinfolk’ is truly unlike anything we’ve heard in a good while! At the core, ‘Kinfolk’ is a celebration of your friendship, and we love that!

Ella Henderson Feat. House Gospel Choir & Just Kiddin – ‘Risk It All’
Image Source: Matt Pearson

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Stream ‘Risk It All’ here!

Everything Ella Henderson touches turns to solid gold, it’s no wonder ‘Risk It All’ is one of our favorite tracks off of this week’s New Music Friday! Bringing in the addition of Just Kiddin and the House Gospel Choir was a genius move! The feeling of being ready to ‘Risk It All’ for that one person you can’t get out of your head, is all too relatable.

Richard Taylor Epperson – ‘Beautiful Day’
Image Source: Milestone Publicity

Stream ‘Beautiful Day’ here!

What a way to come back from a seven-year hiatus! ‘Beautiful Day’ is our first look into what Richard’s forthcoming EP will sound like! And we have to say, if this is what we have to look forward to, then this EP is about to be incredible!

I wanted it to be a positive song for people stuck in a dark place. The song is me telling them I understand and letting them know they’re not alone,

Richard Tyler Epperson

Sierra Blax – ‘Box of Chocolates’
Image Source: Becca Hake

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Stream ‘Box of Chocolates’ here!

If you’re a fan of the way artists like Lorde, explore the world of chill-pop, you’ll love Sierra Blax! ‘Box Of Chocolates,’ is as Sierra has said, “a letter to ones higher self.’ It’s all about finding that inner peace.

Mae Krell – ‘rest stop’
Image Source: Tallulah PR

Stream ‘rest stop’ here!

Mae Krell completely broke our hearts with ‘rest stop.’ We’ve all been through the, at times, unbearable pain after a breakup. ‘rest stop’ wraps all those emotions up with the most beautifully tragic bow. The mental picture we have of having to pull over at a ‘rest stop’ because the emotions are so all consuming, is so vivid.

Ethan Jewell – ‘Something To Live For’
Image Source: Cody Giles

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Stream ‘Something To Live For’ here!

Ethan Jewell is further proof that TikTok is one of the best outlets for upcoming artists to find their fanbase! We love the spoken-word set to music style we’re getting here with ‘something to live for.’ There is something so calming about it.

Lamorn – Lonely Light
Image Source: mau5trap

Stream Lonely Light here!

Both of the tracks off Lonely Light are the exact songs you’d imagine playing as you walk into a festival along the lines of EDC. They instantly boost your mood and make you want to dance. We’ve had the title track ‘Lonely Light’ on a constant repeat!

Harry Hudson – ‘Mad Enough’
Image Source: Roc Nation

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Stream ‘Mad Enough’ here!

We will always love a good breakup song! ‘Mad Enough’ is just that! The track shows Harry Hudson navigating the aftermath of a breakup, as you deal with the frustration that things have come to an end. We will be adding this track to all of our angsty breakup playlists and listening to it quite often.

Bastille – ‘Thelma + Louise’
Image Source: Republic Records

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Stream ‘Thelma + Louise’ here!

New Bastille music? Sign us up! We think we’ve found one of our favorite songs of the year with ‘Thelma + Louise,’ inspired by the 1991 film, this track captures its essence perfectly. We want to take a drive through the city at night just blasting this song.

Lola Young – After Midnight
Image Source: Day One Music Limited

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Stream After Midnight here!

What an EP!! This four-track record tells the story of one night, and Lola Young completely blew us away with this concept! You really get a sense of every single emotion Lola felt during this night. This EP paints a picture unlike anything we’ve ever heard.

Faouzia – ‘Hero’ (Remix)
Image Source: Atlantic Records

Stream ‘Hero’ (Remix) here!

Faouzia always knows exactly who to get on a remix to make all the pieces fall into place! With this remix of ‘Hero’ we have Paul Morrell jumping on the track! Out of the two remixes we’ve had of ‘Hero,’ this is our favorite!

Brad Hodach – ‘Top Shelf’
Image Source: Courtesy of Brad Hodach

Stream ‘Top Shelf’ here!

Every New Music Friday needs a little country! ‘Top Shelf’ is the perfect country track as we send summer off on the highest note! Brad Hodach can hold his own with the biggest male country artists today!

Alesso With Marshmello Feat. James Bay – ‘Chasing Stars’
Image Source: Universal Music Group

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Stream ‘Chasing Stars’ here!

This trio is straight out of our dreams! ‘Chasing Stars’ is the song you want to play at the loudest volume in the car. You have Alesso and Marshmello bringing in the dance element, and James Bay bringing in the incredible vocals.

Kate Havnevik – ‘Taking Flight’
Image Source: Wilful Publicity

Stream ‘Taking Flight’ here!

We feel so at peace listening to ‘Taking Flight.’ The track is like a breath of fresh air, and Kate has such a beautiful voice! When you listen to this song you’re hearing soft-pop excellence.

Jelly Crystal – ‘Someone’s Dog’
Image Source: Smuggler Music

Stream ‘Someone’s Dog’ here!

‘Someone’s Dog’ is a song off Jelly Crystal’s debut album, Freak Show which we can expect on September 24th! Debut albums are such a huge deal, and if ‘Someone’s Dog’ is what we can look forward to from this one, then we will love the entire record so much!

Nija – ‘Ease My Mind (Come Over)’
Image Source: Shaun Llewellyn

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Stream ‘Ease My Mind (Come Over)’ here!

Allow us to introduce you to one of our current favorite artists, Nija! She’s back and better than ever with ‘Ease My Mind (Come Over)’. We are fully ready to just vibe to this track.

Alana Sukul – ‘Closer’
Image Source: Latch Media

Stream ‘Closer’ here!

‘Closer’ is a blend of so many genres in one. You constantly find yourself being impressed by the uniqueness of the track. Alana Sukul is an artist everyone needs to be keeping their eyes on. We have a feeling she has a bright future ahead of her.

AViVA – ‘Melancholy’
Image Source: Capitol Records

Stream ‘Melancholy’ here!

If you’re like us, you’re always looking for new alt-pop artists to obsess over! Look no further than AViVA! Her newest track, ‘Meloncholy’ perfects the downward spiral depression puts you in, into words! We will be playing this track on a loop!

See Also

Source: Starship Entertainment
Tiwa Savage – ‘Tales By Moonlight’
Image Source: Universal Music

Stream ‘Tales By Moonlight’ here!

‘Tales By Moonlight’ is exactly the addition we needed to our New Music Friday! Tiwa Savage is that artist. She’s innovative and constantly surprising us with each release. If you’re like us and immediately obsessed with this track, you’re in luck, its part of a bigger project we can expect this fall!

EMELINE – ‘this is how i learn to say no’
Image Source: Capitol Records

Stream ‘this is how i learn to say no’ here!

There is power in standing up for yourself and speaking your truth, EMELINE knows that! If you struggle with feeling like a yes-man and feeling like you need to set boundaries in your relationships, ‘this is how i learn to say no’ is for you!

Sam Williams – Glasshouse Children
Image Source: Mercury Nashville

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Stream Glasshouse Children here!

When you’re the grandchild and son of absolute legends in the music industry, there’s no doubt your debut album is going to be killer! Talent runs in Sam’s bloodstream! Front to back Glasshouse Children is a masterpiece! We’ve been going back and forth when trying to pick a favorite track, between the title track and ‘Kids.’

Cian Durcot – ‘Chewing Gum’
Image Source: olloweg via Instagram

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Stream ‘Chewing Gum’ here!

A breakup song that sounds saturated in sunshine? Sign us up! ‘Chewing Gum’ is exactly the song you want to listen to after crying in your room to the saddest songs. After listening to this track we’d recommend a deep dive into Cian’s discography.

Alexa Villa – ‘Call Me Crazy’
Image Source: Emma Jenkinson

Stream ‘Call Me Crazy’ here!

Looking for genuine good pop music? Alexa Villa is here to deliver! We found ‘Call Me Crazy’ to be reminiscent of early Lady Gaga music, that pop sound with a rock twist! We can clearly see an early 2000s movie with this song on the soundtrack.

Marvin Brooks – I’ll Be Fine
Image Source: Position Music

Stream I’ll Be Fine here!

Anytime we get to check out an entire album from a new artist, we are thrilled! We are getting fed this New Music Friday with I’ll Be Fine by Marvin Brooks! This album is 14 tracks and we have to say our standouts are ‘Ghost,’ and ‘Too Close.’

Christian Sparacio – ‘Open Season’
Image Source: Abby Clare

Stream ‘Open Season’ here!

We will live and die by the statement that indie artists are unlike any other. They bring so much creativity and much-needed breaths of fresh air into the industry. We want to spend a summer day on the beach blasting ‘Open Season’ -that’s the vibes we’re getting.

Sarah Proctor – ‘Tired’
Image Source: Ashlea Bea

Stream ‘Tired’ here!

Emotionally driven music will always attract us! ‘Tired’ paints a painful picture of realizing it’s time to let someone go. The moment when it hits you that the person you love isn’t who you thought they were, makes you feel exactly as the song says… ‘Tired.’

Trousdale – ‘Always, Joni’
Image Source: caitytakesphotos via Instagram

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Stream ‘Always, Joni’ here!

Adding a trio of the most talented women to our New Music Friday lineup brings us so much joy! ‘Always, Joni’ to us seems like a track that is all about using Joni Mitchell’s music to get you through hard times, and boy can we relate! Her natural ability to write exactly what you’re feeling is something we also see here with Trousdale.

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track from our New Music Friday lineup? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Featured Image Source: Hailey Hastings for The Honey POP!

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