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The Bees Knees Blast Off Your Playlists Once Again!

The Bees Knees Blast Off Your Playlists Once Again!

Do you have so many music recommendations that you don’t know what to listen to? The Bees Knees column will sort you out! With the enormous amount of music we had to discover in the last days, here’s what caught our attention and you won’t be deceived by the diversity of the music genres we present to you today! Let’s take a quick look at the new releases of these rising artists and bands!

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Walker Hayes – ‘Fancy Like’

Do you want to hear some country music? You are maybe familiar with ‘Fancy Like.’ If you are a regular on TikTok, you probably saw the dance become viral. It’s so fun! We bond together in these difficult times. Do you think you got the moves? Try it here! If you liked our latest chat with Hayden Joseph, you should take some time to discover Walker Hayes. His sunshine energy is contagious. “Yeah, we fancy like Applebee’s on a date night/Got that Bourbon Street steak with the Oreo shakes/Get some whipped cream on the top too/Two straws, one check, girl, I got you” he serenades us with his sweet cowboy attitude.

There’s no need for complexity. You only have to book a simple date, a few charming words, and you are sorted. Love is around the corner! It’s time to spend amazing days with your family and friends. Put your boots and hats on and dance to the cute vibes of the song. Its popularity still growing after climbing to number 1 on iTunes US overall genre charts and being on many Spotify Viral 50 playlists. Stream ‘Fancy Like’ from the platform of your choice here. Whatever is your mood, you can also check out his EP, Country Stuff, which pleases The Bees Knees ears with catchy beats! Click here for more info!

Kazi – ‘Real Ones’

Take a trip to New York’s Lower East Side and enjoy the new rising sounds of Kazi. In between rap and sugar-coated bops, the singer embraces fun styles and honesty. “Always did just what I wanted, never cared about the cost/Everybody talking crazy but I know they really soft/Everybody tryna play me, I ain’t playable no/Everybody wants my time I’m unavailable bro,” he spilled on his new track ‘Real Ones.’ We’re buzzing to the edgy electronic sounds and the rap lines.

Like early Justin Bieber and the fancy tones of July Jones, we love the chaotic melodies that bring butterflies in our stomachs. Don’t fear the judgments of others. Kazi accepts you like ‘Real Ones’ with swag and deep lyrics. Success is earned through hard work. His production blasts all the standards and intrigues. Hyper pop is the new music game! Press play here on the app of your choice and dance with us at The Bees Knees headquarters!

Shibashi Feat Chlöe Howl – ‘We Were Young’

The banger for your summer nights’ playlist is alive! ‘We Were Young’ by Brazilian-born Ireland-based rising superstar Shibashi and stunning vocalist Chlöe Howl is the house track everyone needs in their life. Fix your disco ball on the ceiling and find the perfect DJ. Be sure to spin this dynamic track too! Do you fancy Kylie Minogue retro beats? Dance like Steps? It’s impossible not to fall for ‘We Were Young’ rejuvenating fresh sounds.

You’re so bright you can’t look at yourself right now/But you’re that sweet soft sound/That voice who carries me/You’re my hope, you’re the stars in the sky tonight,” they opened full-force on the track. This song is this bouncing electro-pop gem that brings positivity to our lives. We cannot let go of the infectious beats that blast from the speakers and dance the night away with the blissful vocals of BRITs nominee Chlöe Howl. Stream ‘We Were Young’ and fly back to the good old times here.

Natalie Imbruglia – ‘On My Way’

We will forever be grateful for One Direction’s performance of her hit single ‘Torn’ at The X Factor. Natalie Imbruglia is back with her sixth album Firebird on September 24th. We can’t wait to hear more of her magic voice on tracks co-penned by Fiona Bevan, The Strokes’ Albert Hammond Jr, and long-term Adele and Dua Lipa collaborator Eg White. We can say we are on our way with her recent single! The heartening slow-paced beats remind us of country music. ‘On My Way’ is like riding a horse. Once you’ve tried it, you’re addicted to it!

I’m aiming higher/Older and wiser/This feel/Could be real/On my way,” she sings with her words of wisdom. We all cross our paths in different ways to find our source of happiness and positivity. The Australian singer makes our hands clap while we listen and sing along to that wonderful track. Download and stream ‘On My Way’ here. Are you excited about the new album Firebird? Get your hands on your copy here!

Livingston – ‘Message In A Bottle’

There are so many ways to communicate and Texas’ Livingston found his stance. He sends a ‘Message In A Bottle’ with a heartbreaking letter for his old loves. “This is my message in the bottle/I hope you’ll never find/It holds all of the remnants of/The love you left behind,” he croons with emotional cracks in his voice. It’s not easy, but we have to move on from the pain when the time comes. Let’s start a fresh new step with this exciting song that brings new beginnings.

With beats like Nicholas Hamilton, the poignant lyricism of Hozier, and the delightfully inspired guitar sounds of Dan + Shay, ‘Message In a Bottle’ got the perfect ingredients to have success! With his inspiring words and melodies, he lifts us to new heights. As he proved on his recent EP An Unlikely Origin Story, his sharp sense of orchestration is solid as a rock. Explore it here and don’t forget to send your ‘Message In A Bottle’ to your precious ones here.

Lowertown – ‘Seaface’

Do you search for classic music from Radiohead with a modern twist? Atlanta, Georgia, duet Lowertown hums their little sounds in lo-fi strides for your pleasure. We can’t resist the smooth indie-rock dreamy hops on ‘Seaface.’ Sweetly supported by the Donna Missal-infused vocals, Olivia and Avsha create a psychedelic fusion of sounds that melts perfectly together. “Say what you want about me see what you want to see you can cry and you scream but I’ve been through this too many times to care about how you feel,” both girls harmoniously chant together on the soaring chorus.

We should take care of ourselves as a priority. No matter what other people say about you, stick to your values. Along with delicate drums, we learn some lessons through the poetic lyrics of Lowertown. Will this sound the same on The Gaping Mouth EP coming early September? Get the answer over here and stream ‘Seaface’ here.

Nathan Evans – ‘Told You So’

We can travel through books, but we can do it through music too. The Bees Knees alumni, Nathan Evans, explores Loch Lomond amongst other paradisiac locations in Scotland in his official video for ‘Told You So.’ He celebrates half a billion streams for his work to date with the beautiful sea, the beach, and the road trip of his life. Take a glimpse of fresh air and put your feet in the water along with these country folk traditional vibes. ‘Told You So’ makes big waves!

Would it be as viral as his previous TikTok release ‘Sea Shanty?’ We think so! It’s perfect for the summer rides in old vans or convertibles. Catchy and fun, you only smile when you listen to Nathan Evans. Catch the ambiance on tour! Think fast and get your tickets here! Do you want to know what’s coming up for the Scottish singer-songwriter? Get all the scoops on his official website!

MarthaGunn – ‘Minute Of My Time’

Glitters and rays of sunshine are here during this summer. This September, we’ll be so busy music-wise and MarthaGunn is one of the bands to watch! The new album is going to be in the yearbooks like Baby Queen’s new one with the delightful electro-pop production. Again, the band teased us with a new track, ‘Minute Of My Time.’ After treating us with cupcake ballads on reflective melodies, MarthaGunn is more joyous on this new one. Refreshing and comforting despite the dark lyrics, the music speaks for itself. Lies, love, and loneliness are the main parts of the story.

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We can survive to it and that’s why the synths occupy all the room, like a vaporous dream. We can find our peace of mind without waiting for someone who gave us nothing. Optimism in our individuality is the key. There is not long to go till the release of the full-length record and we are counting the days. Something Good Will Happen at The Bees Knees office for sure! Preorder the album and get tickets for MarthaGunn’s upcoming tour here! Meanwhile, you can stream their recent single at this link!


Our London sweetheart and The Bees Knees hot tip, WORRYWORRY, is back with a new single ‘Bitter.’ He never lost his soul and enchants us again with his ethereal R’n’B soundscapes. “I pick a shirt/Go to work/Every single day it hurts/Doesn’t wake me up if I’m not asleep with you,” he tore down with so much sadness. He confesses how the breakup is painful. Even if it’s over, there is still a part of him that loved his ex-partner. His friend Matt Maltese helped him to pen this emotive masterpiece.

Life is ‘Bitter’ and difficult at some point, but we need to soothe it with romantic blissful notes. The ballad is brutally honest lyrically. Shed your tears, don’t be shy. WORRYWORRY blends deep R’n’B synths and stargazing guitars. Live your feelings fully with these James Arthur and Finneas influenced melodies. Get ‘Bitter’ on your favorite platform here.

Belly – See You Next Wednesday

Raising the bar high with the new album from Belly, See You Next Wednesday. Canadian-based rapper Belly can make Drake and Tory Lanez proud. His new album gives us solid bars from what we heard so far. He enlisted the biggest names of the hip hop sphere as Lil Uzi Vert, Nas and Big Sean. His mix of hard beats, grime, and electronic R’n’B glitters in our hearts. There is no surprise that he’s one of the co-writers of the biggest hits of last year, ‘Blinding Lights’ from The Weeknd.

He loved the experience so much that he repeated it on ‘Better Believe’ along with the Toronto star and Young Thug. It sets the pace for a fire record coming out Friday, August 27th. Move your body to the thick rhythmics! More than 35 million streams later, Belly is one to watch on the Canadian and international scene. The Bees Knees are ready to feed you with some swaggy moods. This record is for you! Pre-save or preorder the album quickly! Want the details? Click here!

Crave for more? THP is here to serve you! Click here for the best of the new releases of the last weeks!

What do you think of these party sounds? Lots of interesting sounds don’t you think? Let us know which one you prefer on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

Featured Image Source: Emily Defoor/THP Graphic Team

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