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We’re Basking In Shawn Mendes & Tainy’s Perfect ‘Summer Of Love’

We’re Basking In Shawn Mendes & Tainy’s Perfect ‘Summer Of Love’

Big summer blowout, ocean cruisin’, tequila on the rocks, a classic vintage convertible and green turfy mountains on a hill- add a Shawn Mendes and a Tainy to the mix, and voilà, you have da ‘Summer Of Love.’ Don’t tell us you haven’t already listened to this, because our feelings will be hurt. Deeply. 

Collaborating with Latin music maven Tainy, Shawn closes our summer while groovily reminiscing about his own, which left him quite enriched. And truth be told, it shows. ‘Summer Of Love’ is a breezy, YOLO feel-good hook, with an intricately woven beat that messes with your mind and keeps echoing on loop as you go about a random day. Honest confession- we have even rocked a floss while doing our laundry- because why not!

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Acclaimed producer Tainy once again delivers a gem of a musical piece that shows his artistry and this collaboration is the perfect fit. The song makes use of heavy bass and raw guitar chords, with Shawn’s plush crooning giving you eargasms with every note and the euphoric feeling of your lover gently massaging your scalp. 

“It was the summer of love / A delicate daydream
And for a couple of months / It felt like we were 18″

After eight months of spending time with himself, Shawn Mendes has finally rescued us from our blues and grays, as he looks back on his own ‘Summer Of Love’ that he has spent meeting old friends, laying back with “meditation and tequila,” “tangled in the sheets until the evening” with nowhere to go and even went out to give a shoutout to his 2019 steamy hit ‘Senorita’ with sweetheart Camila Cabello. 

Calling you my señorita / Didn’t know how much I need ya

Can you see us beaming with our hearts hanging upside down from our eyes from the other end of the screen, Shawmilizers? Ah, we know you get it, we absolutely, unequivocally, unarguably love it when they dazzle us with the occasional little PDA. 

Working with Shawn was so easy and really organic to be honest. He is a true musician and vocalist but aside from that, the energy he brought to the studio was super genuine so creating feel good music together just flowed. The chemistry is there and you can hear it in the music.

Tainy about ‘Summer Of Love’

Shawn Mendes And Tainy Weave A Visual Delight

‘Summer Of Love’ is so aesthetically pleasing, we couldn’t decide if we should fawn over Shawn’s vocals, the background music, the lyrics, or just the picturesque backdrop of Spain filling us with unfathomable temptation to sneak away for a small getaway- okay, a whole weeks-long holiday at that, but you get the point. 

The MV is a crescendoing sequence of “oohs” and “aahs”- too pretty for the eyes to witness and the brain to get over, but talk to our hearts and it will give you a whole damn circus. We have Shawn getting drinks at nightclubs, driving the day away, chilling with Tainy, tanning, lounging around on beaches, and playing guitar before monuments of Majorca. Trust us, SM has had quite the vacation. And he passes on the infectious vibe to us with the song vicariously.

Watching the sun-kissed nostalgia behind ‘Summer Of Love’ in HD has us a little emotionally imbalanced and overdosed on wanderlust. And we strongly recommend a raise for Shawn’s wardrobe management, because hello? Black vest? 

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I hope this song makes people feel free, free from the weight of life, even if just for a moment. The inspiration was getting a few months off to have a real summer with the people I love. My favorite part about creating it was getting the opportunity to work in the studio with Tainy. It was a special experience connecting with him since he’s such an incredible artist and amazing producer.

Shawn Mendes about ‘Summer Of Love’

Want more Shawn Mendes content on the hive? Was that a “please” we heard? We’re just playing, you remember well that best friends share, so here you go.

Let us know in the comments what your perfect ‘Summer Of Love’ would look like and tweet us  @TheHoneyPOP! We’re also thinking of planning a trip to Spain, so rendezvous at Facebook or Instagram?


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