It’s Written In The Stars, CRAVITY Have Started An Awakening

It’s Written In The Stars, CRAVITY Have Started An Awakening

The super-ist of KPOP rookies, CRAVITY have just released their first full-length album and we haven’t stopped screaming since we heard the news.

Has CRAVITY released albums before? Yes, but this is their very first full-length album. But not only that, they reached it successfully, and yes they are a very talented group, but they just keep exceeding our expectations every time. So everyone please give a round of applause to CRAVITY for reaching this milestone.

Okay, now let’s talk about those eight beautiful diverse tracks, shall we?

1. ‘Intro: New Horizon’
2. ‘Gas Pedal’
5. ‘Celebrate’
6. ‘Grand Prix’
7. ‘Divin”
8. ‘GO GO’

You know what we here at THP love (besides CRAVITY of course)? When an album’s tracks follow the same story, but all the tracks have a diverse sound, because then it feels like we’re actually going through a story! And that’s what The Awakening: Written In The Stars does for listeners. Since the beginning, the group’s music storyline has followed something similar. Each new release is a new part of their journey in K-POP and honestly, we love it.

Image Source: STARSHIP Entertainment

With the eight tracks, we are taken through a whirlwind of magnificent sounds. The tracks have that CRAVITY trademark sound, while also showing the maturity, and growth the group has gone through with every new release. Each track brings something new to the table that the other doesn’t, they can all stand alone, but work so beautifully together. And though we are in love with every track, some favorites of ours you have to check out, starting with the party and hype track ‘Gas Pedal,’ also do yourselves a favor and watch the MV, it’s *chefs kiss*. ‘VENI VIDI VICI,’ particularly because of the slow build-up in the beginning, and of course the trumpet, along with the epic guitar solo. ‘Grand Prix’ and the “Hey baby, Hey baby” part, because it has been stuck in our heads. And last but not least ‘GO GO,’ the vocals and harmonies in this track, wow, also before listening to this track, please put headphones in, you’ll thank us later.


Since before CRAVITY became our music obsession, there was always just something about the group that made them stand out, was it their talent? Personalities? Or bops? Our best bet is, all of the above. CRAVITY continues to show their immense, and always growing talent with The Awakening: Written In The Stars, making us excited for the second part of this chapter in their story. You can stream the album on Apple Music here, and Spotify here.

What was your favorite track off of The Awakening: Written In The Stars? Let us know in the comments down below, over on our Twitter @thehoneypop, and talk to us over on Facebook and Instagram!

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