Pop Punk’s Still Not Dead Tour‘s Lineup Change

Pop Punk’s Still Not Dead Tour‘s Lineup Change

New Found Glory’s Pop Punk’s Still Not Dead Tour announces a lineup change, one we’re definitely not mad about.

Pop-punk OGs recently announced a lineup change for their upcoming tour. Brightening the bill are ska-punk vets Less Than Jake, up and comers Hot Mulligan, and singer/songwriter with hella soul, Lolo, all joining in on the cross country trek.

Pop Punk's Still Not Dead Tour poster

Originally on the tour, Simple Plan dropped off due to unforeseen circumstances. Although a bummer, the show must go on but don’t fret, it’s going to be a good one! Never seen on a proper run together other than Warped Tour in 2003, NFG was super stoked to have Less Than Jake Step in! The addition of Hot Mulligan is one you know THP is hype as hell for, because well, they’re incredible. And, of course, we’re thankful that LØLØ has stayed a part of the lineup from the start.

If you’re wondering what you’re in for at the Pop Punk’s Still Not Dead Tour, you’ll be happy to know that you’ll find a collection of some of the most extraordinary acts in the genre. All of which bring a unique strain of pop-punk to the table. Making sure that it is alive and well, which clearly is also one of our favorite past times.

So to get you hyped for the upcoming tour, here are some of our recommendations from each of the acts on the line-up.


Listen to: ‘death wish,’ ‘Hate U,’ ‘Dear First Love,.’

Hot Mulligan

Listen to: ‘Featuring Mark Hoppus,’ ‘Green Squirrel In Pretty Bad Shape,’ ‘The Soundtrack To Missing A Slam Dun.k’

Less Than Jake

Listen to: ‘The Science of Selling Yourself Shots,’ ‘All My Best Friends Are Metalheads,’ ‘Losing Streak.’

New Found Glory

Listen to: ‘Hit or Miss,’ ‘The Last Red Eye,’ ‘Greatest of All Time.’

Check out our recommendations and catch the killer combination of varied tunes by grabbing tickets to the Pop Punk’s Still Not Dead Tour here. Let us know what dates we can catch you on by commenting down below or hitting us up @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

Need more rad tunes? Buzz on over to The Honey Pop(Punk)!


Featured Image Source: Acacia Evans

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