Sam Fender Greets Us With An ‘Aye’!

Sam Fender Greets Us With An ‘Aye’!

Is it time to skip some months and fly to October already? Why? Because Sam Fender is back with new material. We are looking forward to that next album Seventeen Going Under. While we (not so) patiently wait for it, we can enjoy the title track and the new single out this Friday. Two years after the critically acclaimed Hypersonic Missiles, Sam Fender’s ‘Aye’ made him shine with his unique guitar sounds.

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Chill Out!

Since Hypersonic Missiles, Sam Fender proved his talents many times. He writes dark poetry, advocates mental health importance, and intrigues us with his indie-rock melodies. Louis Tomlinson is among many big artists that champion him on socials and it’s well deserved! His intricate instrumentation reminds us of the shoegaze guitars from Sea Girls or the melancholic melodies of The Snuts. His influences are so diverse. Lately, he covered the likes of Metallica ‘Sad But True,’ and last year he had a go at Amy Winehouse’s classic ‘Back to Black.’ His soaring vocals and acapella skills give us chills! Talent you say? He’s incredible!

Energetic Rage!

It’s a blame game, it’s a fame trap/It’s the martyrdom of the spoken/It’s the last breath of the awoken,” Sam Fender’s ‘Aye’ new single slams with rage. The London singer isn’t afraid to speak out for the underrated society. Energetic as hell, the virulent punk guitars mix blatantly with the blasting power drums smashes. ‘Aye’ is a grown-up piece of rock at its finest! The song is intense and we are in awe over it! Who are the lucky ones who’ll witness his sold-out UK tour? If you can’t attend, there’s no need to worry because you can enjoy his music too and preorder Seventeen Going Under here. Check the ‘Aye’ lyric video below and stream from wherever you are through these music platforms.

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