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5 Reasons To Watch: Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian

5 Reasons To Watch: Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian

Hi, fellow Star Wars nerds. How are you? We’re guessing pretty good considering how much new Star Wars content has been coming to Disney+ lately, right? Personally, as much as we love The Bad Batch and The Clone Wars, we like to go back to The Mandalorian from time to time just because Mando and Grogu are just the cutest duo. But here’s a question: have you ever watched Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian? If not, we’re about to give you five reasons why you definitely should.

Firstly, let’s talk about what the Disney Gallery is so we’re all on the same page. It’s a show on Disney+ that shows the behind-the-scenes action that went into making one of the best pieces of media of the last few years: The Mandalorian. Yes, it’s technically a documentary, and we know this isn’t everyone’s favorite genre, but this one is worth it. Here’s why:

There’s A New Episode Coming!

On August 25, a new episode of Disney Gallery will drop on Disney+, focusing on telling us how exactly they pulled the young Luke Skywalker trick. That was one of The Mandalorian‘s best-kept secrets, and we all lost our minds when Mark Hamill showed up. Finally seeing how they did that will be nothing short of awesome.

See How All The Cool Effects Are Done

This one is for all the audiovisual enthusiasts who can’t help but watch everything thinking “how did they do this?” Well, now you get to find out! They have episodes focusing on both technology-based effects and practical effects, so we even see which scenes were special effects during post-production and which ones were made on location.

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See How It All Started

Every story has an origin, and The Mandalorian is no different. So of course the Disney Gallery would have some moments where they talk about how the series came into existence and even some about how Mando and Grogu’s story connects to the rest of the Star Wars universe.

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They Go Through So Many Stages Of The Production!

Starting with an episode about the direction, they also talk about the special effects, the soundtrack, and even the legacy of George Lucas’ franchise. For anyone who enjoys knowing the details on the different stages of producing a new series, this is definitely a great pick.

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They’ve Got Interviews Too

Cast and crew both have interviews throughout the episodes to talk about how the experience of putting together The Mandalorian was for them. And we can really feel the excitement and love for the story radiating from them in every moment they’re speaking. It’s always fun to see that the people making the show have as much fun as we do watching it.

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We hope you join us in watching Disney Gallery and tell us your thoughts in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! Oh, and may the Force be with you!


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