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Ashe Gives Us Nostalgia With ‘Love Is Not Enough’ Live Music Video With Taylor Goldsmith

Ashe Gives Us Nostalgia With ‘Love Is Not Enough’ Live Music Video With Taylor Goldsmith

Ever since Ashe walked into our lives with her breathtaking talent, we are amazed by her. She is not only a talented singer but also an incredible songwriter and performer. With the release of the live music video of ‘Love Is Not Enough’ featuring Taylor Goldsmith, she has proved herself once again.

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Ashe released Love Is Not Enough Live Music Video
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‘Love Is Not Enough’ is originally the third track on Ashe’s debut album Ashlyn which dropped on May 7. Not a while ago, she gave us a music video for this beautiful song. Just like the music video, we can feel the nostalgia of indie theatres with Million Dollar Theater in the live acoustic video, too. ‘Love Is Not Enough’ live music video premiered on Rolling Stone, and Ashe had company. Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes stepped up from being a co-writer of the song and joined Ashe with his amazing vocals along with peaceful guitar strings.

The acoustic version of ‘Love Is Not Enough’ is softer than the studio version with simple guitar and raw vocals. It definitely makes us feel things, especially because we can hear the emotions in the duo’s voices. We can safely say that this acoustic live version gives us the taste of a more intimate feel of such a heavenly song. Believe us when we say those harmonies almost made us cry. 

Ashe is growing rapidly and we are all so proud of her success. She was selected as Youtube’s Artist On the Rise in which we could see Ashe’s journey in the music industry. She has been making everyone talk about her in such a beautiful way with her remarkable TV performances. Also, she was one of the stars of Lollapalooza. What can we say? As THP, we think we are really lucky to witness her growth and we can’t wait for more. 

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What do you think of the ‘Love Is Not Enough’ live music video? Are you proud of Ashe as much as we do? Tell us in the comments or hit us up on Twitter at @thehoneypop or on our Facebook and Instagram!

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