Katy For Kings ‘Hard On Myself’ Life Advices

Katy For Kings ‘Hard On Myself’ Life Advices

Self-confidence is the key to a happy life. Are you strong enough? The new hit sensation Katy For Kings released her new single ‘Hard On Myself’ this week, and we loved how it turned out. The country-pop ballad vibes the British singer-songwriter gives us are amazingly melodic. It gets straight to the heart!

Katy For 'Kings Hard On Myself'
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Self-confidence For The Win!

Did your clothes fit today? Is money in your pockets is the most important thing for you? Do people say you are ugly? As Katy For Kings’ ‘Hard On Myself’ relates, you have to stick to what you think it’s best for you. Don’t underestimate your skills and who you are as a person. You can be strong! It’s not easy to gain back your confidence, but you’ll smash it. We know it! The power of the lyrics is pure comfort to our ears. We drown into that Taylor Swift’s country guitar lines aesthetic while we listen to her new track! Her lyrical sensibility hooks us like Lorde‘s wordplays. This song is on repeat since the release!

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Smile, Baby, Smile!

Katy For Kings’ ‘Hard On Myself’ is the result of the perfect pop writer collaboration and the Chelmsford artist’s great ideas. Of course, the road to stardom is getting built towards Katy For Kings. We should thank the wonderful writers who surround her. As it happened on her previous single, ‘Middle Ground,’ she co-penned the new one with 5SOS ally, Chris Bourne. ‘Hard On Myself’ is that piece of melancholia that gives us hope. Is it a sad song? Yes. At the same time, we jump into the intricate melodies, and our lips twitch into a smile. Her inspiration is as big as Julia Michaels while she writes. Katy For Kings offers us bangers after bangers. Her lyricism is poetic, yet it makes us enjoy the simple things of life—stream ‘Hard On Myself’ here.

Did you have any moments in your life when you thought you were too hard on yourself? Did music help you through it? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

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