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Watch M.O.N.T’s Beomhan & Roda Burn The Town Up with ‘ASHES’

Watch M.O.N.T’s Beomhan & Roda Burn The Town Up with ‘ASHES’

After the previous release, ‘Sun’s Up,’ let’s just say ‘Ashes’ is a whole different breed.

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‘Ashes’ is a different sound and look than M.O.N.T usually releases, and we are highly impressed. It opens up very heavy, with Beomhan rapping, followed by Roda smoothly coming in with his staple fast rap delivery. Not only does it show both of their styles and talents, but it’s also very catchy, and we just can’t get over the beat. And that opening! It’s so beautiful and makes our musical hearts full. If you lean more towards rap tracks, this one is for you.

Image Source: FM Entertainment

We also have to say, we quickly fell for Beomhan’s rap flow and delivery, it has been fitting the songs vibes perfectly. We know he is just starting up, but he’s already at such a high level, we wonder how much more he can grow from here. It also makes us wonder if the sound ‘ASHES’ gave us, is what we should expect for the future of M.O.N.T Arena.

But don’t just stream the song, you should definitely check out the MV, as it is simple, fits the song so well, and doesn’t take away from the song itself. You can watch the MV for ‘ASHES’ below.

In order to prepare yourselves for more M.O.N.T, whether it’s for future group M.O.N.T Arena or the og, M.O.N.T Originals, here are some tracks by the group you should definitely check out.

‘BOTTLE’ (Narachan & RODA)

We chose ‘BOTTLE’ because we instantly fell in love with the sound of the track, and the feelings it gives us while listening. It fits the bedroom pop vibes perfectly, so if we could more bedroom tracks from Narachan and Roda, or just M.O.N.T in general, we would die happy.

‘Beautiful Sunday’

‘Beautiful Sunday’ is a solo by Narachan and, it’s so sweet, with such an a uplifting beat. It also makes you fall in love with a day of the week that many people have a love hate relationship with. Also the part at the two minute mark (the talk part)… yeah, we absolutely love it.


‘Tired’ is off M.O.N.T’s 2nd mini album, AWESOME UP! The same one that has fan favorite, ‘Rock Paper Scissors.’ ‘Tired’ also has a similar vibe to ‘ASHES,’ so if you loved their newest release, then you’ll love this one.

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What did you think about ‘Ashes?’ Are you hoping to hear tracks more like this one from M.O.N.T? Let us know in the comments down below, on Twitter @thehoneypop, or talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: FM Entertainment

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