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21 20th Century Songs Your Playlist Needs!

21 20th Century Songs Your Playlist Needs!

The most iconic era of the human race, the 20th Century. All the songs we love are from the 80s or 90s, right? It created legends like man, oh, man! It gave us Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Backstreet Boys, U2 and what not! But not only in the music industry, but the movies and shows have also taken a permanent seat in our minds. It will never be as golden as it was back then, shining through all the generations and living up to all our expectations. Like, come on, Gen Z is hard to get through and we all know it. There are legends who wooed us even from Gen Z but still, the golden era never left our minds. So here we have, for you, the top 21 20th century songs that will save your day, make you feel your share of nostalgia, and will always be needed in your playlist!

‘Brown Girl In The Ring’

We have all heard Boney M’s name at least once in our life. The gang was perfection and its songs ruled the late 70s. This song perfectly represents its time and era and makes you live in it until it ends! Just imagine yourself chilling with your girls or boys at the beach and listening to this song, it makes you both energetic and calm at the same time. Well, that’s the magic of Boney M’s music, once you listen to them, there’s no going back! All their songs make you feel like a diva. Just give it a try and you will thank us forever!


Vibes! Vibes! Vibes! This song is all about vibes and they are never-ending ones! Just putting you on the right path and enjoying the process is the gist of the song. There’s nothing you can point out in this song that won’t fit right, everything, the music, lyrics, vocals just sit right and make it the perfect party song we need in our lives! Play this at your party and just live in the magical bubble created by Village People. Hey, here’s an interesting fact about this song, you must’ve heard it for sure if you’ve watched the famous TV show FRIENDS! Remember when Monica worked at Moondance diner in an old woman’s costume? She danced to this song when pennies were put in the music box by Chandler!

‘Dancing Queen’

Mamma Mia! Here we go again! The best song from ABBA is this masterpiece right here. We have all heard ‘Dancing Queen.’ The most high-spirited and lively song ever, from the era of magic. Perfectly sets the mood for your day, just wake up and listen to it once and it will make your day brighter than ever! There are many other amazing songs from them but this has always shone among all of them. This song was used in the most brilliant musical the industry ever created, that is, Mamma Mia!, starring everyone’s favorite, Meryl Streep! (Which is a must-watch by the way).


The most famous Instagram song? Yup! It’s the same one. ‘Rasputin’ was originally composed by Boney M. Now, this playlist is going to contain a whole lot of Boney M. songs because they practically ruled the golden era and their songs deserve to be in all our playlists! There are so many things about this song that will make you fall for it, every time you listen to it. Let’s take the whole context of the song, for example, it is based on a real man. A man with magical healing powers (or is believed to have magical powers). The remix is practically based on this man coming back and winning a dancing competition! Now, that’s a good story. Give the old one a try and fall in love with it, an original is always a classic!


The one name that hits our minds when we talk about late 90s music is none other than Michael Jackson. ‘Bad’ is one of his iconic singles and was featured in many films and TV shows, out of which one of our favorites is 13 Going On 30. This song has a marvelous storyline and we don’t even have to mention the choreography! Duh, it’s Michael Jackson. We are sure you adore MJ like we all do here, refresh your memory with this evergreen song, fall in love with it all over again!

‘Daddy Cool’

Another Boney M. song? Yes, of course! This song is famous even today and is not ready to fade for the next two decades or so given its coolest and the most catchy tune. Whenever you listen to this song, it makes you feel like everything fits perfectly and is very addictive (as always). Given their amazing music and success in the industry, they deserve a lot more appreciation from this generation. Play it for your parents, watch them groove! 

‘(Everything I do) I do it for you’

The most romantic song from the most handsome singer, ‘I do it for you.’ This song would steal your heart and make you a Bryan Adams fan right away. We can all agree that songs like this aren’t made anymore. Want to make a mixtape for your partner? This is the most perfect song you could ever find to begin it with, slow and soothing, made with love. Your heart just jumps out and don’t be surprised if you cry because this song is made for making people in love feel and fall all over again. Listen to it, dance to it, fall again with your love. 


We would never forget this classic! This must be included! Such feel, rhythm and is the most perfect song from the 90s, well all almost are but this one makes a perfect impression as a whole. The lyrics and the music will just give you goosebumps and we bet you wouldn’t want to miss this. Be the one to feel this classic which would make your playlist even more heavenly! Alone in your room and grooving to this will give you the power you always wanted to feel!

‘…Baby One More Time’

Ahh, Britney Spears. The heart and soul of the music industry those days. ‘…Baby One More Time’ is the song that made everyone fall in love with her, even us! She is just the perfect representation of the time. With her present situation always being in the limelight and the “Free Britney” movement taking up the stage, this song will give you the most perfect nostalgia of the Spears in her golden and shiny time. Listen to this beauty all over again, feel her, the young and powerful her!


Earth, Wind, and Fire’s most popular song is here! We all must’ve heard this song, it was all over Instagram! It is the song that would make every moment feel like ‘September’ and has a vibe to kill for. ‘September’ talks about the times two people fall in love during the said month and every line makes you fall in love with the song! Perfectly brewed and blended to make you feel loved as well as to give you an energetic vibe. It is not a want, it is a need and will stay with you forever once you give it a try!

‘Mambo No. 5 (A little bit of…)’

Might sound a little like womanizing but Nah Nah it’s just fun! Makes you love and groove from the moment you listen to it! Many celebrities have danced to it in their interviews too, like Harry Styles! It is one of the most famous and naughty songs by Lou Bega! The party songs now will have no ground to stand once this comes on. It has a reputation for taking over people’s minds! Why won’t you give it a try. *Wink*


This song is a bomb. Trust us! Give it a try. Spanish songs got rarely hits (okay, they are ruling the industry these days though) in the worldwide music category but when they do, they take over all the records and awards. This song is such a kind and there is no going back or regretting once you add it to your playlist. This is possibly the most loved and listened to Spanish song of the time. And keeping the music aside, which is amazing, obviously, we have the handsome Ricky Martin who stole the heart of every girl and guy!

‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’

There isn’t a single soul who hasn’t heard this song. If you didn’t, you are missing out so much. God bless, you are here! Whitney the masterpiece of Houston has stolen many hearts and is continuing to. This song was made to dance and groove to, amazing to sing and what not! A ruling woman with people adoring her all around. She made it all by herself and it is more than worth giving it a try, so here you go!

‘Careless Whisper’

Listen to this handsome man sing the most romantic song and you are done for the day! George Michael made it sound so soothing and amazing. Completely in love with his woman even though she breaks his heart. The song is written with all the deep feelings in his heart and it comes out touching all of ours. Once you listen to this and love it, you are officially a part of the golden era because the music in this song describes the instrumentals and type of the music of it perfectly.


Just the most amazing song! ‘Copacabana’ is not so famous these days but has an impression of invading people’s playlists with just one play. The song mentions a girl named Lola who was a showgirl and the events in her life, and it’s not a regular story. It is so interesting that when you first listen to it, you will only listen to her story, not the music. Barry Manilow’s magic never slips away, it catches up with you some way or another! This wonder was also played in our all-time favorite TV show FRIENDS during Barry and Mindy’s wedding episode when Rachel embarrasses herself but sings this with Ross! Remember the song now? Come on, give it a try!

‘That’s The Way It Is’

Everyone from our generation got hooked upon this beautiful woman after watching Titanic, ‘Heart Will Go On’ is one of her most remembered and adored song. ‘That’s the way it is’ is yet another masterpiece by Celine Dion. Her beauty and her talent have mesmerized all of us and with no doubt, we can say that all her songs to date are the best and she has lifted the spirits of aspiring female artists with her strong figure in society. If you haven’t heard her, you are missing out so much. Give her a try and thank us later!

See Also

‘I Want It That Way’

Backstreet Boys, the love of every woman from the 1990s. They’ve literally stolen the hearts of their fans and after making a comeback recently, we all knew that they didn’t lose their magic. This amazing band is adored and has a huge fan base even now. People would rush and buy tickets for watching these handsome men sing for them. ‘I Want It That Way’ is one of their most popular songs, we have all heard it at some point in our lives. The song was also featured in the TV series, Brooklyn 99. Listen to their songs and there’s no going back! Have a good time being one of their fans. Seat belts on, it’s gonna be a rough and emotional ride because once you fall for them, you will never get over them.


Spanish king’s party songs have ruled our lives for a long time, ‘Bailamos’ is one such song and we have all been absolutely in love with it for ages! Enrique Iglesias has always been a heart-robber and with this seductive song, he has taken it to the next level which makes it a must-watch! Soothe your ears with the Spanish tunes and fall in love with the master.


When it comes to the golden era, how can we miss out on the queens! Spice Girls were always the best in the industry, their music made every human fall in love with them. They always will be remembered no matter which era or generation it is. The groovy song, ‘Wannabe’ is the best song they have ever made and there is no denying it when it comes to this fact! Not only the music but even the music video has a whole lot of different energies and will lift up your mood in a split second. The link is below, you know what to do!

‘With Or Without You’

Oh, my! The music of U2, the phrase itself sounds so perfect. ‘With Or Without You’ will be the most romantic and beautiful song you will ever hear from the band and how lovely would it be if it was your relationship song! Oh, wait, we know whose relationship song it is! The most romantic couple on TV, Ross and Rachel’s! This iconic duo had already booked the song in their name and has been featured on the show too! Most of us from this generation has found out about this lovely song through it, if you haven’t heard it yet, here’s your key to feel the love!

‘Heal The World’

And you thought we would miss out on the song that gave us all goosebumps and brought back humanity? Michael Jackson steps forward by making this masterpiece and there is no better song than this in the era that brings out your true nature! During the hard times that the world was going through, this song brought back hope. This song will be the most remembered one. Even now, this song is much required to remember how we were and what we are. Get your hopes up and live up to your worth and expectations with our God, Michael Jackson.

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Love the 2000s music too? Don’t worry we got you covered! Chick, here!

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