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Solar Power Is Giving Us ‘Oceanic Feelings’

Solar Power Is Giving Us ‘Oceanic Feelings’

The moment we’ve been waiting four years for is finally here! We have a new Lorde album! While we might have gotten impatient at times (we just love Lorde, okay?), we would gladly wait four more years if the result is as incredible as Solar Power. We cried more than we thought possible, and we sang at the top of our lungs and completely fell in love all over again with Lorde as an artist. She is an all-time great, and there is no denying that after one listen through of Solar Power.

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We have a million thoughts about Solar Power, so we’re going to dive into these tracks!

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Image Source: Republic Records
‘The Path’

Everything about ‘The Path’ makes it the perfect album opener for Solar Power. The track is a look into fame. Specifically, it seems to revolve around a night at the Met Gala. Lorde flashbacks to her arm in a cast and models dancing around tombs and sneaking things home for her mother. We love when Lorde gets into her bag, where the lyrics are so specific that they paint the clearest picture.

‘Solar Power’

Come on title track! We are so thankful that ‘Solar Power’ was our first look into the album. The track gave us the line ‘I’m kinda like a prettier Jesus,’ which is just perfect. ‘Solar Power’ is summer put into a song. It’s for those nights spent at the beach where everything is calm and feels serene. That’s when you blast this song.


When listening to ‘California,’ we felt like Lorde was talking about a million things. From the Grammy’s to Madison Square Garden to Coachella. Maybe those references aren’t made and we’re just reading too far into the lyrics. But, we feel like this track is letting the world know Lorde can appreciate her success without all of these things.

Lorde released her third studio album, Solar Power.
Image Source: Ben Sklar
‘Stoned at the Nail Salon’

We have had ‘Stoned at the Nail Salon’ on a loop since its release. Out of the three songs released before Solar Power, we have to say this is our favorite. Not only is it the best song title we’ve ever heard, but it’s perfectly melancholy. We fully feel every emotion the lyrics exude.

‘Fallen Fruit’

Lords and Jack Antonoff are the dream team. ‘Fallen Fruit’ is a top three on the album for us. You really get this picture painted of someone realizing the pedestal they’ve been put on isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The found of ‘Fallen Fruit’ sounds very indie and ethereal.

‘Secrets From A Girl (Who’s Seen It All)’

‘Secrets From A Girl (Who’s Seen It All)’ is ‘Ribs’ little sister. Basically, if Lorde were to write a letter to her younger self, it would be this track. After a solid ten listens through Solar Power, we’ve concluded that this is our favorite track. This feels like a hug from present-day Lorde.

Lorde released her third studio album, Solar Power.
Image Source: Justin J Wee
‘The Man with the Axe’

Lorde has said ‘The Man with the Axe’ is one of her favorites, which means automatically we love it. That last line, “I’m writin’ a love song for you baby,” is just adorable. Upon first listen, it wasn’t clear to us this was a straight-up love song, but the longer you live with ‘The Man with the Axe,’ the clearer it becomes!


‘Dominoes’ feels like a summer song from a different time. Like if we transferred back to the 70s when music felt so carefree, this would be a staple summer track. Even while being one of the shorter songs on the record, ‘Dominoes’ made quite the impression.

‘Big Star’

What a heartbreaking love letter from Lorde to her dog Pearl. Lords has explained that she had never loved someone as much as she loved Pearl and that she has never experienced grief in this way. How lucky is it that she has this outlet to let these feelings out?

‘Leader of a New Regime’

We love how even though this track is shorter, it makes us feel like we’re floating. So many tracks on Solar Power have this ethereal, magical feel to them. It’s something only Lorde brings to music in this way.

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‘Mood Ring’

Our last taste of Solar Power before its release! When we look at the body of work as a whole, this track is exactly the embodiment of the overlying sound of the album. ‘Mood Ring‘ feels like an early 2000s track that’s been saturated in the sunshine, definitely another top three for us.

‘Oceanic Feeling’

What a way to end the album of the year! Truly ‘Oceanic Feeling’ was the warm hug we needed right at the end of Solar Power. We truly are in disbelief that this record exists, and we get to presently live with it! Lorde is a once-in-a-generation artist, and this record showcases that perfectly.

Lorde released her third studio album, Solar Power.
Image Source: Ben Sklar

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Featured Image Source: Republic Records and Hailey Hastings via The Honey POP!

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