CHVRCHES Screen Violence Goes Live And Raw!

CHVRCHES Screen Violence Goes Live And Raw!

Electro pop fans, let’s unite this Friday on Twitch when CHVRCHES’ Screen Violence will come to life. The Glasgow three-piece is ready to roll with their fourth record in their career. Are you ready to embark with them on tour too? Because yes we cannot wait to hear these musical fireworks!

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Take The Glitter Stage!

Can’t wait for the weekend? Do you wonder how to kick it with style? We have a great suggestion for you! Let’s celebrate CHVRCHES’ Screen Violence and watch their global live stream on the Amazon Twitch channel here! The show starts at 9 pm PST so be sure to set up your clocks. Live from the Masonic Lounge in LA, the Scottish band will unleash live versions of their new album songs as well as performing some covers as a gift to their supportive fans! The trio sets to take the road for two intensive months of raw energy and synth-pop stage gems. Get all the details for the US tour and upcoming UK 2022 one here.

Rewind To The 80s!

Lauren Mayberry and the bunch geared up to travel back in time on their new record. With deep synth-pop and robotic tones, we can’t wait to listen to the whole production! The Scottish trio teased us in the last month with the powerful ‘He Said She Said’ and its stardust beats. CHVRCHES drops it all with ‘Good Girls’ and the thumping drums and dreamy vocals. The band knows how to catch our attention with their melodies. ‘How Not To Drown’ association with The Cure’s Robert Smith opened the door for retro-inspired tracks.

Recently, the band covered another masterpiece from the synth-wave era, ‘The Killing Moon’ by Echo and The Bunnymen. The dark tones are replaced by Lauren Mayberry’s crystal clear voice and bring all the emotions in one! If you have Amazon Music, you can check out the exclusive track here. We can’t wait to hear the live rendition of it this Friday. Keep your eyes peeled!

What CHVRCHES song do you want to hear the most live? Will you be attending the live stream on Friday? Share your plans with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

Are you obsessed with rewind tracks and retro beats? We got some more here.


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