Luke Hemmings On Writing His Debut Album And His Mental Health

Luke Hemmings On Writing His Debut Album And His Mental Health

Luke Hemmings is famous for being the lead singer of pop-rock band, 5 Seconds of Summer, but has been on a roll on his own recently putting out a solo debut album, a live stream performing all the songs off that album, and releasing innovative music videos and visualizers. In addition to all of that, he recently was on the cover of FAULT Magazine. In the interview that accompanied it, he opened up about writing his album; When Facing The Things We Turn Away From, and how it helped improve his mental health. 

Image Source: Raen Badua for FAULT Magazine

Making Sure Songs Were Just Right

Any 5SOS fan can tell you how hard the boys work when writing songs, but Luke Hemmings writing to put music out by himself isn’t anything we’re used to seeing. FAULT Magazine asked about challenges when writing for this album; he stated, “I wanted songs to sound like the listeners could understand me in those moments. Because of that, most of the songs went through a million different versions and production changes to get to their final state.” Suddenly we want to give Luke a big hug because we all were crying after hearing WFTTWTAF for the first time.

Image Source: Raen Badua for FAULT Magazine

Don’t Judge An Artist By A Song

Anyone who is a fan of a songwriter has been curious about who or what a particular song is about; 5SOS fans are no different. Knowing this, FAULT Magazine asked him about one of the songs off the record, ‘Place In Me,’ and if it has any meaning inspired by actual events. He told them, “It’s tricky walking the line of how much you want to share about the exact meanings because sometimes people will run away with them and start analyzing your relationships, mental health, your personal life without knowing you. Lyrics, to me, are dramatic and overzealous and emotional and exaggerated, and I don’t think they’re meant to be picked apart.” This quote might be a good thing to learn from; lots of us get so obsessed with the meaning of a song, and we sometimes forget to enjoy the music and the emotions.

Luke Hemmings for FAULT Magazine
Image Source: Raen Badua for FAULT Magazine

Growing Up In The Spotlight To Now

We’ve been following Luke Hemmings since he was 15 when Louis Tomlinson gave 5SOS a shoutout on Twitter. Which eventually led to the opening for 1D and shot them to stardom. “I’m a lot more confident now. I think as a teen who was thrust into the public eye pretty quickly, I got overwhelmed easily and felt constant pressure to be a certain type of person. Now at 25, I feel a lot more sure of myself. I dress in clothing that makes me happy, I make the music I want, I wear glitter and makeup, I express myself better, I don’t feel boxed in. It’s pretty freeing.” Luke told FAULT Magazine when asked about the difference between his debut with 5SOS and his solo debut now. We’re so happy to see Luke confident and doing the things he wants. We love to see our idols thrive!

Luke Hemmings for FAULT Magazine
Image Source: Raen Badua for FAULT Magazine

Writing and Going To Therapy

Speaking of seeing others thrive, Luke Hemmings also opened up to FAULT Magazine about his mental health and how writing this album helped him. “I’ve always felt like writing and creating music is similar to therapy because you’re spending days, weeks, months reflecting on yourself and your life and trying to process everything and express those feelings out loud. It can be incredibly cathartic and healing… I also took a step that scared me a bit, which was to start actual therapy with a professional.” We’re so proud to hear that Luke is stepping out of his comfort zone to get help with his mental health, another thing we learn from him in this interview.

Luke Hemmings for FAULT Magazine
Image Source: Raen Badua for FAULT Magazine

You can catch the full interview over at FAULT Magazine!

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Feature Image Source: Raen Badua for FAULT Magazine

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